Kailyn Lowry Issues Apology to Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Jenelle Evans

After years of feuding with Jenelle Eason (Evans), Kailyn Lowry has issued a public apology to her former ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star. In last week’s episode of the MTV show it was revealed that Kailyn’s podcast co-host Vee Torres, wife to Jo Rivera and stepmom to Kailyn’s son Isaac, was the one who leaked Kail’s pregnancy back in 2017.

The truth came out that Vee told Kailyn’s ex-husband (who Kail was still legally married to at the time) that Kail was pregnant with Chris Lopez’s child. This was something that Kailyn did not want made public knowledge at the time and since Jenelle Evans spoke about the pregnancy on social media shortly after it was leaked, Kail assumed Jenelle was the one who told the press.

Admitting that she was wrong to blame Jenelle, Kailyn issued an apology over Instagram shortly after the episode aired. “After seeing this week’s episode, I wanted to address my storyline and the information I found out because now know I blamed the wrong person for leaking my pregnancy news with Lux,” Kail wrote. “With that being said, I wanted to formally apologize to my former co-star, Jenelle, for wrongfully accusing her of leaking my pregnancy news when I was pregnant with Lux. At the time, I felt hurt and betrayed over a moment that I should have been able to announce on my own timeline, and I voiced those feelings against who I thought caused them.

I have been very open about the fact that I know my life is in the public eye and sometimes people forget that I am human and very real feelings are involved. This was one of those times that I was extremely hurt, and I still wish I would have been able to announce my pregnancy on my own terms. All in all, no one likes admitting when they’re wrong, but I was wrong here, and I wanted to extend that apology to Jenelle. I am sorry.

Jenelle has yet to respond to Kailyn’s apology, however she did recently turn down an invitation to appear on Kail’s newest podcast “Barely Famous.” Kailyn has previously attempted to reconcile with Jenelle by sending her haircare products and by inviting her to appear on the Coffee Convos podcast as well. (Do we all remember when Jenelle almost lit herself on fire trying to set Kail’s haircare gift on fire?)

Jenelle did consider appearing on Coffee Convos in 2019 when she was trying to get back on MTV but quickly changed her mind when Kailyn refused to apologize to her beforehand.

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