Jenelle Evans Shares Video Rescuing Puppies with Husband David Eason | 3 Years After He Killed Her Dog

Three years after the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star’s husband David “put down” their family dog for biting one of the kids, Jenelle shared a video to YouTube documenting the couple rescuing two puppies they found on the side of the road.

Jenelle starts the video by explaining an incident she had on Instagram live in which she was telling fans that she had recently rescued puppies. The Eason’s youngest child Ensley popped into the live and said loudly that the puppy had been “shot.” This understandably alarmed viewers of the live as that is exactly how David killed Jenelle’s dog Nugget in 2019. Jenelle says that they found the abandoned dogs and one had an injury. She insisted that she and David did not hurt the dogs. “The dog was hurt when we got her but not by us!” She goes on to tell the story of finding the pups and getting treatment for their injuries.

According to Jenelle, the couple found two puppies on the side of the road and happened to catch the attention of a police officer who was passing by. The officer told them that he would call animal control to have the dogs picked up and not to worry, sending Jenelle and David on their way. The following day the puppies were still there so they decided to take the puppies and try to get them some help.

One of the puppies was friendly and in good condition so they decided to keep that one, the other puppy had an injured back leg and couldn’t walk. David called the Columbus County Animal Control in North Carolina and was told they couldn’t help due to their facility being renovated. The outraged Easons finally found a German Shepard rescue called Freedom Bridge in Wilmington that was willing to pay for the medical attention needed for the injured dog and help them find a home for her.

The pup the Easons ended up keeping they named Dixie who Jenelle says gets along great with their other dog, Rosie. The injured puppy (nicknamed Sunshine) ended up making a full recovery after being adopted and is shown happily running around.

We saved these dogs and I just feel so happy,” Jenelle says in the video. “I hope you guys are proud of me because I did the right thing, and we did the right thing as a family… I hope you guys see we are trying to make better choices as parents and pet owners.

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