Kailyn Lowry Confirms MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ Combination Show and Reveals She Declined to Join the Cast

‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ ratings have continued to plummet causing MTV to scramble to find a solution that will keep their beloved franchise alive. This means yet another new show is in the works following their most recent spin off, ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion.’ The network has decided to finally give the original, and most successful TM shows, the axe and create a new show that combines the casts of ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Teen Mom 2.’

The new show will be rebranded now that the “teen” moms are all in their 30s, so the name will have to change. It also only makes sense that some of the cast members will be cut instead of having one reality show about 10 girls and their families. However there has been talk, according to the Ashley’s Reality Roundup, of MTV keeping as many of the moms as possible and rotating the cast episode by episode. Regardless of how they plan to format the show, ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kailyn Lowry says she doesn’t plan to be a part of it.

Right now, the way I look at it, I just don’t want to,” Kailyn revealed on Friday’s episode of her podcast, Barely Famous. “They asked me, they called me, and I congratulated them on being able to do that.” Lowry confirmed the new combination show and said the huge cast was part of why she turned down the offer. “I just think I also have so much more going on; there’s 10 stories essentially… I personally feel like I have enough going on to do my own show.”

Kail goes on to say that if MTV wants to work with her on her own series, she will consider doing that, but the new show would be a pay cut without the ability to fully tell her story. “Why am I going to take a pay cut to do the same amount of work and also not be able to tell my story with full transparency? I want to do that, despite what other people may say… That’s how I feel. We’ll see as time goes on what that looks like but, for now, I just love podcasting. I really found something that I love to do, and I really want to focus on it and grow it.

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