Jenelle Evans Announces She’s Joined OnlyFans | Sick of Being Canceled

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Eason (Evans) has officially joined OnlyFans. A subscription-based website where people can pay for content from online influencers/creators. The site is well known for its sexy time content however it can be used for other things. Creators can post exclusive content for their fans who pay a monthly fee for that content. It’s a popular site for reality tv stars in particular. The infamous Farrah Abraham utilizes OnlyFans along with a few other ‘Teen Mom’ stars from the ‘Young and Pregnant’ series.

Jenelle recently shared a video to YouTube titled ‘Depressed’ where she revealed that she lost yet another brand deal due to “haters” who sabotage any attempt she makes to work with a company as a social media influencer. The former MTV star has attempted for years now to make a career out of social media since being fired from the network. From makeup to podcasts to sponsored posts on Instagram; it’s been a struggle for Jenelle to maintain work to support her family. Whenever an opportunity arises, a group of ‘Teen Mom’ viewers and avid Jenelle ‘haters’ contact the company and make them aware of all the controversies that have surround Jenelle and her problematic husband David Eason. This usually results in the company dropping Jenelle to avoid any bad press or damage to their own reputations. “I’m trying to, like, move on and, like, focus on the positive in life and not focus on the negative,” Jenelle says in the video.

In a post to Instagram on Saturday May 7th, 2022, Jenelle unveiled her new OnlyFans account to her fans with the caption “Can’t cancel me here.” In the video that included a link to her account Jenelle can be seen smirking while wearing a bathing suit that shows off quite a bit of “underboob.” However, Jenelle has stated that she won’t be posting explicit material to her page. (There are enough nekkid pics of Jenelle floating around the internet in my opinion anyway.)

The more shocking bit of this news is how much Eason is charging for a subscription, which is a whopping $20 a month. Farrah Abraham (who no doubt posts adult-only material) is only charging $4.99 per month and even offers multiple bundle options to make subscriptions even cheaper. It’s unclear exactly what content will be shared on the site, but considering Jenelle’s last paid subscription website lacked interesting, original content and eventually disappeared, it’s tough to say if this will end up being a reliable source of income for the Eason fam. The description of Jenelle’s OF subscription doesn’t make any promises. It simply states, “Known for being on MTV from 2009-2020. Popular Social Media Influencer on all platforms. ✨”

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