VIDEO: Kailyn Lowry Flips Off ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producers in Season Finale | Is She Fired?

This has been a rough season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kailyn Lowry. Between her failed lawsuit against co-star Briana DeJesus and her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Chris Lopez getting another woman pregnant; Kail has had a lot of excuses for not wanting to film with MTV. She even took a few months off mid-season after Chris filmed a segment with Briana.

In the finale we see Kailyn getting ready for her last shoot of the cycle and she’s pretty clearly annoyed before they even get started. When one of the crew says it’s their last day Kailyn replies “Thank God.

When asked what her problem is, Kailyn complains that she’s not respected like the other moms on the show (huh?) and that she is sick of being asked to talk about her children’s fathers. She compares her situation to co-star Leah Messer and says that she isn’t forced to talk about her exes Corey and Jeremey. This gets the attention of Larry, one of the producers, who quickly makes his way onto the set.

“You don’t hound the other moms to talk about their baby dads the way you pressure me to talk about mine.” Kailyn tells Larry who at first was just very confused and replied, “really?” He then clarifies that Leah’s story with Corey and Jeremy has played out over the years and there’s not much left to tell. (I feel like it should be pointed out that Leah also does in fact film about the dads AND the new guy in her life, Jay.)

Larry went on to remind Kail that this is a show about being a mother/parent and that co-parenting with her 3 baby daddies is kind of a big part of that. “I want to share all of that with you guys, but it makes me nervous,” Kailyn said. When she was asked if she will continue podcasting after ‘Teen Mom 2’ stops filming Kail revealed that she actually makes more money podcasting than she does working for MTV.

Larry responds by saying, “I’m proud of all your success but don’t forget this show made it possible.” This is when Kailyn simply flips off the room and says, “Love y’all.

Kailyn has stated several times now that she will not be a part of any future ‘Teen Mom’ show that MTV puts together. The network is currently working on a new spin off that will combine the casts of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Kail has made it clear that she has no interest in that show but would be open to having her own show if it focused on the parts of her life that are positive.

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