Leah Messer Opens Up About “Rocky” Friendship with Kailyn Lowry Amid Reunion Drama

Monday, MTV released a clip of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Special showing Dr. Drew, Nessa, Leah, Ashley, Briana and Jade sitting down to talk about the season and immediately bringing up the one cast member who was not there, Kailyn. As we previously reported Kailyn Lowry and co-star Leah Messer are no longer on good terms but the reason for that has remained unclear… until now. Kailyn stopped following Leah on social media not long after the first season of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ aired. (Not to be confused with the “reunion specials” that follow each season of the original shows.)

In an effort to immediately stir the pot Dr. Drew asks Leah specifically why she thinks Kailyn didn’t want to attend the reunion in person. Leah simply replied, “I have no idea.” This prompts Jade to quickly (and mockingly) say “you have no idea?” She goes on to explain to Dr. Drew that the reason is clear: Kail didn’t show because she doesn’t get along with Briana. A very unamused Leah explains to Dr. Drew that she and Kail haven’t been talking much so she really doesn’t have any answers for him about her. She was under the impression that Kailyn didn’t love the fact that Leah chose to be on the “Family Reunion” spin-off alongside Kail’s nemesis Briana and that’s why they hadn’t been talking. This conversation leads to both Ashley and Leah leaving the stage because they agree that they shouldn’t be discussing kail without her being there to explain her side of things.

After the clip went public Leah posted a series of Instagram stories with her thoughts on the situation and explained what she believes happened with her friendship with Kailyn. “This is the ONE & ONLY time I’m choosing to speak on this publicly. I would also like to add from one woman to another, if there are any questions or comments about what I’m about to say & you have my number… do yourself a favor and text/call me directly. I do well with communicating effectively and finding a resolution even if our opinions might not align,” Leah stated. “I’m very disturbed by the clip I saw of the reunion airing tomorrow. Never did I imagine a show that was intended to inspire young women would turn into other women disrespecting, bullying/shaming & devaluing each other.

Leah explains that no matter what the relationship is between herself and Kailyn that she does not stand for talking behind someone’s back. “I will not tolerate disrespect on stage or ‘mean girl’ behavior, especially when someone being discussed is not present to defend themselves.

On the fallout with Kailyn Leah explains her side of what happened. “My friendship with Kail has been rocky. To clear it up from my point of view. I went to TMFR with the support of everyone around me. After the two weeks of filming and learning a lot about other casts through therapeutic activities and a life coach, I believed we all left on the same page. An unfortunate situation occurred a few weeks after being home when I ‘liked’ an Instagram post of Briana’s referencing self-growth. I was unaware at the time that a fat-shaming situation had occurred between Briana and Kail. It should be known that I don’t and will never support fat shaming or bullying in any way, shape or form. This caused tension and hurt feelings that I hope can one day be resolved.”

I’m honestly sick and tired of being brought into this drama, having my kindness taken for weakness or being put in a position to where it seems as though I need to choose someone’s side. After 12 years of filming I understand what the show is supposed to be about and am happy to share my story. I feel like all of it is taking a twisted turn and it saddens me. Im going to continue to take care of mine and stay out the way. I’m going to speak on my personal life experiences and the journey which all of you have followed over the years. While I also wish everyone of my coworkers the best moving forward.

Kailyn did briefly respond to the reunion clip in her own Instagram stories stating, “I have never been upset with Leah for going to TMFR. In fact, I supported her and told her to go & collect her check.” Kail then added, “Jade why are you commenting?” Kailyn also shouted out Ashley for being a “real one,” clearly appreciating her walk-off.

Ashley also shared on social media that “it’s always 2 against 1, and respectfully Kail got friends too… Let me make something extremely clear. I would never sit in a room and be silent while my friend is being chopped, for that purpose I removed myself. It’s not about control, it’s about loyalty. Kail was there via zoom. Why wasn’t she present for this segment? It’s messy. Period.

It has been reported that both Leah and Briana have signed on for MTV’s new show in the franchise titled “Teen Mom Legacy.” Kailyn has declined to join the cast. Time will tell what all of this means for Leah and Kailyn’s friendship but after knowing each other for more than a decade the two should be able to work things out!

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