Update! Jenelle Evans on Her Battle for Custody of 12-Year-Old Son Jace

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Eason (Evans) is still battling her mother Barbara for custody of her now 12-year-old son Jace. Jenelle signed over temporary custody of Jace within his first year of life and has yet to be able to regain full access to her son ever since. Currently Jenelle has Jace every other weekend while he spends the rest of his time with Barbara.

Jenelle told E! News that she still hopes to work out a new custody agreement with her mother outside of the courtroom. It appears that Jenelle and Barbara have an upcoming court hearing about custody that will determine if they go to trial.

If we end up going to trial, I’m going to ask for full [custody] completely. I’m still trying to work it out civilly… If she wants to compromise, I’ll switch roles and have him during the week and she can have him every other weekend.

In January of 2021 Jenelle almost got Jace back full time but it was short lived due to her announcing it to the world on TikTok. At that time Jenelle claimed that Barbara asked her to take Jace because she could no longer handle his bad behavior at home. Soon after announcing that Jace lived with her full time on TikTok, Barbara commented to TMZ that she still legally had full custody of Jace and that he would not be living with Jenelle permanently.

Currently Jenelle says that her co-parenting relationship with Barb is mostly civil. Jenelle continues to try to parent Jace over the phone when he’s having behavioral issues at home with Barbara. However, when she brings up the topic of custody to her mom, the conversation gets “shut down.”

In the interview Jenelle (of course) mentions David and the relationship he has with Jace and how David has been teaching him “car stuff.” She says, “He’s been changing brakes, changing tires and stuff like that with David. So, that’s been awesome.

Jenelle says that she deserves her son, and she hopes that her mother realizes this so they can come to an agreement without a full-blown court battle. She says that the relationship between Jace and his grandmother is important “and that’s exactly why I’m trying to work it out right now.

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