Mackenzie McKee Says It’s Been “Rough” After MTV Left Her Out of New Merged ‘Teen Mom’ Show

‘Teen Mom OG’ mom of 3 was snubbed again by MTV, as the network just announced its newest spin-off series ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter‘ from which Mack was noticeably left out. The new show will feature everyone from ‘Teen Mom OG,’ except Mackenzie. It will also feature the cast of ‘Teen Mom 2’ minus Kailyn Lowry who opted out of the new show. Mackenzie, however, was not even asked to participate.

The same thing happened last year when ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ was filmed. Mackenzie was told that it would not be for all of the cast members to attend, only for her to later find out that pretty much everyone was at least invited to join, even former cast members like Farrah Abraham. On both occasions there was no explanation for why Mackenzie was not asked to join but it looks like Mackenzie may have a theory.

On May 18th Mackenzie tweeted, “Recovering from a death, marriage problems, and what MTV and the OGs did to me back-to-back has been a rough go honestly.” She then followed up with a (now deleted) tweet in response to one published by Morgan J. Freeman about “Whiteness” being a disease. “Also, the man who has decided I no longer belong on the show has decided that I am a disease? Like what?” Morgan’s tweet stated that “being ‘anti-racist’ starts by admitting ‘whiteness’ is a disease.

This could all stem from a racially insensitive tweet published by Mackenzie in 2021 in which Mackenzie states that out of all the amazing “colored” women in the world, Kamala Harris isn’t one of them. Mackenzie later apologized for the tweet, stating that she thought the terms “colored“, and “women of color” were the same and that she didn’t realize what she said was racist. (And that it really wasn’t even the point of what she was saying.) This controversy came after the network fired Taylor Selfridge for insensitive tweets from eight years prior even though co-star Cheyenne Floyd also had racist tweets from around the same time. (Hers actually about k*lling people based on race.)

MTV certainly picks and chooses who they decide to punish for racist and/or homophobic tweets. Jenelle Eason’s husband David Eason was fired in 2018 in part for homophobic and transphobic comments. However, Maci Bookout’s husband Taylor McKinney was given a free pass for his former homophobic and racist tweets. In fact, the network never even mentioned them or forced him to apologize as they have done with other cast members. (See those tweets here.)

It’s not confirmed that this is the reason for Mackenzie being cut from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise but Mack’s response on Twitter seems to point in that direction. Mackenzie felt that MTV lied to her about ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion,’ and flat out ghosted her on ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.”

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