Q&A! Jenelle Evans Talks Briana’s Lawsuit Party, Filming for MTV, Her New OnlyFans & Fighting with David

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans is giving major updates this week on her life and the shenanigans she’s been getting into, including her new adults-only “business venture” and shockingly filming for MTV. So, lets jump in, shall we?

In Jenelle’s latest YouTube upload, she starts off by letting everyone know that things have been good on the land despite her recent posts about being depressed and unhappy in her life. Jenelle had recently been dropped from a huge brand deal that she says would have provided her family with financial security. Jenelle revealed that she and David had not been getting along around this time.

Life has been pretty good lately, except for me and David, we didn’t get along for like a week,” she laughed. “But we’re back at it and our marriage is stronger than ever. Sometimes we disagree over the stupidest things, but you know marriage isn’t perfect and you gotta work through your issues.

Jenelle moves on to address her attendance at Briana DeJesus’s party last week that celebrated Briana’s win in the defamation lawsuit filed against her by Kailyn Lowry. “Yeah, I went to Briana’s party. It was last minute; I wasn’t going to go.” She explains the decision was last minute but that she ultimately decided to fly out to Florida and stay for a couple of days. (Note: Jenelle uses the word “we” a lot when talking about her trip but as far as I can tell, her husband David was not with her. She could be referring to a friend that accompanied her.)

We had so much fun… everyone got along… Briana was super accommodating, we stayed in an Airbnb that she rented out for us,” Jenelle says in the video, also noting that Bri had a tattoo artist at the party and “everyone got a tattoo for free, it was great!

MTV cameras were present at the party, most likely filming for the upcoming ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ series. Jenelle surprisingly agreed to be filmed after years of complaining about how the network did her dirty by firing her. “Yes, I signed an agreement to film,” Jenelle admits. However, she says there were no talks of future filming with the crew. “We had a little bit of conversations when I arrived like how I’m doing lately and stuff like that but other than that we just had fun.

Jenelle says she’s been super busy lately and moved on to what Jenelle clearly REALLY wanted to talk about. “I’ve [been] focused on a new business venture and it is actually OnlyFans!” The former reality star lights up with excitement as she explains why she joined the site and what kind of content she shares on there. “I started out on a subscriber page for $20 a month. Then I send out mass DMs for more private videos or pictures. I’ve never done nudity. Let’s throw that out there, never done nudity.” Jenelle did say upon starting her account that she did not plan to post explicit material, however that quickly changed. “I want to show a sexier side of myself, and I realized that with OnlyFans you set your own boundaries… There’s a bad stigma with [the site]. You don’t have to post explicit content. I’ve been having fun with it honestly.

Evans goes on to explain that not all of the content she sends out is “gross.” She says she gets requests for twerking videos and feet pics. “I’ve been trying to make it really personable and worth it for the fans that have signed up… It’s not about degrading yourself. You set the boundaries. You set the limits. Why post thong and bikini pics on Instagram when I can just post it to a private page that only adults see?

Jenelle teased on Instagram that the “haters” would stop complaining once she revealed how much money she’s been making but decided against posting the actual amount online. “I’ve been making really good money off OnlyFans. I’m not gonna pinpoint a certain number or tell you exactly how much I’ve been money but yeah… can’t complain.” Not only is Jenelle making money from this new “venture” but says that her husband David is also making money on the site and that his page is continuing to grow along with her old best friend Tori’s who signed up as well. “They are actually making money. I didn’t think nothing would come of theirs. Mine did blow up a lot!

Jenelle says she still plans to post her regular content to YouTube and TikTok and her Instagram will be more family oriented.

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