MTV Considers Bringing Jenelle Evans Back to ‘Teen Mom’ | Report

Jenelle Eason (Evans) was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ after 8 years of being on the show back in 2019 but could she make a comeback in the new ‘Teen Mom’ series coming to MTV?

According to a report by The Sun, Jenelle had a secret meeting with executive producer Larry Musnik while she was in Orlando last month at Briana DeJesus’s “lawsuit party,” where they discussed Jenelle’s possible return to the franchise.

A source close to Jenelle revealed that, “They are trying to give her her job back. And if she films, her mom Barbara films too, and so do the kids- everyone gets their income back.” The only problem for Jenelle is that It’s been made clear, “MTV refuses to deal with David in any way whatsoever.

Jenelle was let go from the show mostly because of her problematic husband David Eason. His behavior on and off screen was not a good look for the show. Not only that, but the crew members were also afraid of him and could no longer handle having him on set. Logistics for filming became a nightmare and it wasn’t worth it for MTV to keep her.

David was fired before Jenelle due to homophobic and transphobic comments made on social media. He also had made other cast members highly uncomfortable during the filming of a New Year’s Eve Special when he brought a knife on set and stabbed a bunch of balloons.

Currently Jenelle has found some success in her new NSFW career path on OnlyFans which may sway her to stay off television. However, her track record with paid subscription services has not been good. Jenelle’s website has been long abandoned, quickly followed by her Twitch account. Both sites had subscribers who continued to pay their monthly fee with no new content being posted.

The former reality star has also found it impossible to find work in social media influencing due to her husband’s reputation. Not only has David’s homophobic and racist social media posts have continued to haunt Jenelle but the fact that he openly admitted to killing their French bulldog in 2019 when it became aggressive toward their daughter Ensley. When companies offering brand deals find out about the couple’s dark past, they quickly drop Jenelle.

Jenelle took to TikTok to deny that she’s returning to the show right now. While Jenelle did say in a recent YouTube video that she signed a release allowing MTV to film her at Briana’s recent party, she noted that she didn’t say anything else about returning to the show. She did however boast that her return would probably “save the show.” The source claims that “Bringing back Jenelle could help the franchise, with Kail leaving, they need the drama.


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Which could be true, Leah Messer is the only remaining original cast member of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Fan favorite Chelsea Houska left the network in 2020 and has started filming a new show for HGTV about home design. Kailyn Lowry announced her exit at the recent “Reunion Special” saying that she would rather focus on her three successful podcasts.

Do you think Jenelle returning for MTV’s new ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ would help the franchise stay alive? Would you want to see Jenelle back on tv? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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