Amber Portwood Says She’s Paid $80K in Bills for Unemployed Ex Andrew Glennon Since 2019

The nasty court battles between ‘Teen Mom OG’ Amber Portwood and ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon continue as they fight over custody of their son James and child support. Amber and Andrew split in July of 2019 after a domestic incident that landed Amber in Jail and ended up granting physical custody of James to Andrew.

Since then, Andrew has been living in Amber’s large home in Indiana with their son while she has been staying in rental homes. Glennon quit ‘Teen Mom’ and has been unemployed for the past 3 years, claiming that there is no work for him in Indiana in the field of cinematography. He’s also been making attempts in court to relocate himself and James to California so he may find work. However, the jobs he has referenced to have “lined up” are not in the field of cinematography at all.

Andrew has also made the bold claim that Amber owes him over $100K in child support and has demanded that she pay his legal fees of $20,0000 and weekly child support. In court documents obtained by The Sun Amber says that since 2019, she’s paid $80,000 in living expenses for Andrew and even spent $3,600 on utilities for the home after receiving shut off notices. Amber is arguing that Andrew is “voluntarily unemployed,” since he chose to leave MTV. Amber expressed in court her desire to claim their son on her taxes since “she has provided the majority of the financial support for the parties’ child.

Amber recently finished the 26-week Batterer’s Intervention Program and paid a fine of $1,285 that completes her probation. According to court documents, “She submitted twenty-one negative drug tests and did not miss a scheduled test or test positive for any illicit substances or alcohol.

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