Barbara Evans Warns ‘Teen Mom: Y&P’ Stars to Not End Up Like Jenelle | Video

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Grandma Barbara Evans met up with the cast of ‘Teen Mom Young + Pregnant’ last month as she and Farrah Abraham’s mother Debra filmed for the upcoming season of ‘Girl’s Night In.’ The Y+P cast were filming their own episodes of ‘Girl’s Night In’ at the same time, but the grannies won’t be appearing in those episodes.

During some down time, the girls of Y+P got to hang out with the ‘Teen Mom’ grandma legends and that’s when Barbara gave the girls some advice about how to spend their MTV salaries and to be careful not to end up like her daughter, Jenelle Evans. Barb’s words of wisdom were overheard in the background of an Instagram Live. (Watch that video here)

Listen to me, I’m gonna give you advice– do not get sucked into this fame and do not, no seriously, do not blow your money,” Barbara says in the video. “… Do not get sucked into fame, because it will ruin your life.

…even Jenelle, she spent so much money buying cars, boats, everything for her boyfriends, what are you f**king NUTS? Ya know, taking trips,” Barbara continued. She then advised the girls to invest their money.

Jenelle responded to the comments her mother made via TikTok. Fans sent Jenelle messages and comments, letting her know that her mother had been talking about her in this way. “I just keep my mouth shut. I have been the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. It sucks when none of your accomplishments aren’t acknowledged…especially by your own mom. #ToxicParents,” Jenelle said.

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