Ashley Jones Confirms She’s Pregnant After Briana DeJesus Blasts the News First!

Oh things have gone down in the ‘Teen Mom’ universe y’all. There was MAJOR drama on the set of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ season 2 yesterday and boy are things a mess.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup broke the news that Ashley Jones, her mother “Tea,” Briana DeJesus and her mother Roxanne were ALL kicked off the set and sent home after multiple physical brawls broke out.

It didn’t take long for Ashley and Briana to start posting on Instagram about the incident. The feud was really between the mothers, Roxanne and Tea and some social media drama from the past. However at some point Ashley ended up spitting on Briana.

Bri took to her Instagram stories to say her piece and that included exposing Ashley’s pregnancy. “I was going to keep this under wraps because that is a part of the NDA we all signed and also bc I am going to press charges. I tried to spare u extra grief knowing that ur pregnant now but I am going to stand by what is right,” Briana wrote in her story.

Ashley later confirmed that she is in fact expecting her second child. Which means she engaged in this physical fight on set while pregnant. “And as for me being pregnant, yes I am thank you,” Ashley said. “But did you not get an STD by the same man [Luis Hernandez] who you asked to sign over parental rights? Loser.

For the full breakdown of the drama-fest make sure you check out The Ashley’s most recent update!

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