Amber Portwood Shocked to Find Her Home Trashed by Ex-Boyfriend

This week on ‘Teen Mom the Next Chapter,’ Amber Portwood returns to her home where her ex-boyfriend Andrew has lived with their son James for the last couple of years. Amber agreed to allow her unemployed ex to live in the home with James while they battled in court for custody of the child after Amber was arrested for a domestic incident back in 2019.

Despite Amber completing probation, attending parenting classes and passing countless drug tests, Andrew ultimately won sole custody of James. This was partially a result of Amber openly discussing her violent past, history of substance abuse and ongoing struggle with mental illness. The judge based their decision on the information shared in Amber’s book titled “So, You’re Crazy Too?” Along with Amber’s emotional outbursts in court.

Andrew has since been allowed to relocate with James from Indiana to California. After Andrew finally left Amber’s home she returned only to find that it was left in deplorable condition.

Amber Portwood’s ex, Gary Shirley and their daughter Leah accompanied Amber to her first visit to the house along with Gary’s wife Kristina. When they pulled up they could see the lawn was completely overgrown and unkempt. Amber noted right away that it didn’t even look like the same house.

Inside were a ton of personal belongings left strewn about the house, many of which belonged to Andrew and were seemingly abandoned. Gary immediately stated that the home smelled strongly of urine. You could see stains on the carpet and walls.

Amber was visibly shocked by the state of her bathroom, specifically the tub. She was also disgusted with the state of her son’s bedroom. “Is this even real right now? Please God help me,” Amber said.

Leah was also in shock by how Andrew had been living in the home with four year old James. “I would have called CPS on him,” she tells Kristina.

Fans of the show are curious if this new discovery will change anything with James’ custody and/or visitation. As of right now Amber is responsible for traveling to California for half of her visits and Andrew is responsible for traveling to Indiana for the other half. Their no-contact order has been lifted and the judge has granted Amber 3 phone calls and/or FaceTime calls with James per week. (On top of her in person visitation.)

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  1. I would go with CPS to that house and SHOW them how he was living with a CHILD there and how gross it was. he should NOT have the child living like that.

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