Mackenzie McKee Runs a Marathon for Type 1 Diabetes Awareness!

Former ‘Teen Mom’ star Mackenzie McKee participated in a NYC Marathon in early November 2022 to raise awareness for people living with diabetes. Mackenzie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child which led to her having a passion for health and fitness.

Mackenzie’s diabetes was only really talked about in her ’16 & Pregnant’ episode. For whatever reason MTV didn’t focus much on it when she appeared on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ but her illness is obviously a big part of her life and something she wants to bring awareness to. Despite her diagnosis, Mackenzie is extremely athletic and has a successful online fitness business called ‘Body by Mac.’

Mac’s sister was also recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and the two decided to join the ‘Beyond Type 1’ team to run the marathon both in honor of their late mother Angie Douthit, who died in December 2019 after a two-year battle with cancer, and to celebrate November’s National Diabetes Awareness Month.

We’re living out our mom’s dream and it’s a very emotional experience for us. And also, I’m not around a lot of type 1 diabetics so getting to meet 50 other people in America who have a passion for living healthy and living with diabetes, it’s really exciting,” Mackenzie told People in an interview about the run. “And I just know that crossing the finish line is going to be one of the most emotional experiences ever.

I have a lot of moms whose children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and they think that they can’t chase their dreams or do whatever they want,” McKee explained. “I want to raise awareness of how important it is to stay on top of it and stay healthy, work out and eat healthy, but also that you can do anything you want.

After completing the race, Mackenzie took to Instagram to celebrate, “I did it! The craziest thing I’ve ever put my body through. I soaked in every moment, barely crawled through that finish line, blood sugars were crazy, legs cramped so bad I fell a few times and runner lifted me up. All the glory to God. And all 26.2 miles was for my diabadasses out there watching. We don’t get a break, we don’t get to live without this disease. So waking up with a high sugar because some days our bodies just DO that! I started anyways and finished anyways for YOU! I love you all. #type1diabetes @whitterbug12 @beyondtype1 and thanks @ant2884 for pushing me from mile 2 through to the finish line.

My mom always said this one quote to me, she said, ‘You have diabetes, but diabetes does not have you.’ And that sticks with me every single day.

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