Big Changes Coming to 16 & Pregnant Season 6!


It’s official ’16 & Pregnant’ will never end… just kidding. Seriously though for how much this show has helped reduce teen pregnancy there are still plenty of pregnant teenagers for us to watch on TV.

Yes ’16 & Pregnant’ Season 6 is in the works and apparently it’s coming with a big twist! Instead of having individual one hour shows for each girl, the show will focus on four girls over an entire season. (Just like the ‘Teen Mom’ shows.) This should give us a closer look at the girls lives and how being pregnant in high school effects them.


Personally I think this is a great change for the show. It would be fantastic for the show to go into more detail about the struggles that a lot of young girls are unaware of. I think this will also give us time to be more invested in the girls that are featured and see more of each of their stories. It should also bring in more views each week. (Am I the only one that would miss an episode of ’16 & P’ once in a while but could NOT miss an episode of ‘Teen Mom?’)

What do you guys think? Will you be watching season 6?


‘Teen Mom 4’ In The Works??

Photo Credit: Teen Mom Junkies

Several of the ‘Teen Moms’ featured in 16 & Pregnant Season 5 took to social media to promote their “Where Are They Now?” Special. (Which you can watch HERE if you missed it!)

Autumn Crittendon shared on her Facebook Fan Page that MTV wanted the special to get at least 1 million views in order to be considered for a spin off.


Somehow… I find it highly unlikely that there will be another ‘Teen Mom’ show especially after the failure of ‘Teen Mom 3’ AND the fact that the original ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast are still filming their own new seasons.

According to  a source that spoke with Teen Mom Junkies, “The Where Are They Now special would serve as an audition for a Teen Mom spinoff.  In this way, the girls that received the most comments or publicity from the episode would be the ones that would be approached to fill a spot in the spinoff.


There has been no official word from MTV about another show being in the works but it is a pretty interesting thought. Would you watch another ‘Teen Mom’ show? What did you think of the special?

Nikkole Paulun to Appear in Playboy Magazine?

Some of you might be saying “Nikkole who??” Well let me refresh your memory here. Nikkole Paulun appeared in the second season of 16 and Pregnant. She was the one with the babyish voice and douchey boyfriend Josh.


Nikkole was in the news a lot last year for allegedly faking an entire pregnancy that ended in a “still birth,” and then for getting a boob job right after that. Continue reading “Nikkole Paulun to Appear in Playboy Magazine?”

Confirmed! ‘Teen Mom’ Returns for a New Season!!

Exciting news! It’s finally been confirmed that the original MTV show ‘Teen Mom’ is returning for a new season! Us Weekly is exclusively reporting that the show is in fact coming back in 2015.

Teen Mom Returns

The ladies are very excited to be sharing their lives on ‘Teen Mom’ once again. Maci tells the magazine, “My family and I are in such a new and interesting place in our lives. I feel like I have grown up so much since the last time that I filmed anything for TV, so it will be very interesting to show viewers how our lives have evolved.

Catelynn Lowell is also excited to show her new pregnancy in the upcoming season, “I feel like documenting this pregnancy is totally different, because now it’s our time to be parents… Tyler and I have always done the show to help people, now people can see what it will be like to juggle the responsibilities of taking care of our new baby while navigating our relationship with Carly and her adoptive parents

Amber Portwood will also return to document her life after prison as she enrolls in school and rebuilds her life. Farrah Abraham will not be returning.