PHOTOS!! Kailyn Lowry & Briana Dejesus Get Plastic Surgery! Dr SnapChats the Whole Thing!!


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kailyn Lowry & Briana Dejesus of ‘Teen Mom 3’ both underwent plastic surgery today…. and the surgeon (Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates) snap chatted the entire process. (If you want to watch those graphic videos head over to “therealdrmiami” on Snap Chat.)

Kailyn and Briana both had Brazilian butt lifts. Which is basically having fat removed from unwanted areas and injected into your behind. Kailyn also had lipo suction on her neck and a tummy tuck. Briana had her breast implants replaced with larger ones… and also had a labiaplasty. Which … well involved the vaginal area.


I chose not to show the more graphic images on here. If you really want to see more you can find it all on the app. The videos show the actual surgeries along with a lot of goofing off by the staff on duty. Even the doctor was fooling around quite a bit. As far as I understand the girls were very much aware that they were being filmed.


Mackenzie McKee Receives Backlash for Photo of Son Holding a Gun

Former ‘Teen Mom 3’ star Mackenzie McKee recently went deer hunting with her husband Josh and son Gannon. She shared the experience on social media of course but got mixed reviews on letting her son handle a gun.

Many instagram users were outraged and disapproved of teaching a child to use a gun. Others argued that hunting at all is wrong and that Gannon is too young to understand what he is doing.

That’s why America has such a ridiculous gun problem. That attitude right there. The ease of getting hold of a gun, it’s literally insane!” One fan commented.

Others stood up for the family, stressing the importance of teaching gun safety… ¬†“My 5 year old is going to be taught by her father how to shoot n handle a gun CORRECTLY! Not putting a gun in a child’s hand is all up to a parent and children who end up shooting at other people are children who aren’t TAUGHT how to use a gun correctly. Hunting is a way of life and how you get food on the table. How the hell do you think you eat now….you gotta kill the animals your eating.

Where do you stand on this issue? Sound off in the comments below!

Photos & Video! ‘Teen Mom’ Stars & Kids Celebrate Halloween 2015!

Leah Shirley
Leah Shirley

It was another great Halloween holiday with the kids and parents of MTV’s hit ‘Teen Mom’ shows! So many costumes, so much candy and so many feels!!! These kids are growing up way too fast.

Check out this super cute video of Chelsea Houska and her sexy super man getting down on the dance floor after celebrating with the adorable Aubree.

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I love this man

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Here are some more great pics of the reality stars and their kids!

Report! ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star is Having Another Child!


Another ‘Teen Mom’ baby is coming!

Teen Mom 3‘ dad Matt McCann and fiance Lekota Kotch are having a baby! The couple revealed the big news to TeenMomJunkies a few days ago. (Click the link for the ultrasound photo!)


For those that don’t remember Matt McCann is the father of Arabella, Alex Sekella’s daughter. Matt was known on the show for having drug problems but according to fiance Lekota, Matt has been clean and sober for over 3 years now!

Lekota is reportedly 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy that the couple plans to name¬†Matthew Milton McCann Jr. He is due to arrive sometime in January 2016. Matt is overjoyed that he will be having a son and “he cried when he found out that he was going to be a father again!

Congrats to the happy couple and good luck!