Maci Bookout & Family in a Terrible Car Accident!


On Sunday morning January 18th pregnant Maci Bookout of ‘Teen Mom’ had a horrible car accident that flipped her jeep! Her 6 year old son Bentley was in the car with her. Thankfully everyone is okay and walked away with minor injuries according to Maci.

She shared to her instagram this morning the shocking photos of her totaled jeep stating, “Thanking God that Bentley and I were able to walk away from this nightmare with only a few bruises. Thanking God that my unborn baby girl is perfectly healthy after this. I’d also like to @JeepOfficial @Jeep because if our seatbelts and the roll cage had not done their job, I’m not sure my family and I would of had the same outcome. Thanks to everyone that stopped to help, that was huge. I pray everyone else involved is doing okay. ‪#‎jeepwrangler‬ ‪#‎rolledthreetimes‬ ‪#‎terrifying‬ ‪#‎totaled‬ ‪#‎notmyfault‬

It’s quite a miracle that Maci and her family made it out of that crash and I will certainly be praying for them and the other people involved today.


Ryan Edwards in a Terrible Car Crash!


Ryan Edwards of ‘Teen Mom’ was in an awful head on car accident on Friday December 12th that “left him bloody on the side of the road,” according to a new report from TMZ. (See the shocking photos here.)

The cause of the accident is being investigated but according to eye witnesses that spoke with the tabloid Ryan swerved into oncoming traffic while allegedly speeding.

Ryan managed to walk away without life threatening injuries but was seen sporting a neck brace and a bandage wrapped around his bleeding head. The woman driving the other vehicle was taken to the hospital.

UPDATE: Maci Bookout tweets, “Ryan was involved in a car accident yesterday, the articles ‘reporting the story’ have many errors in their facts. Thankfully Ryan is okay!” Maci did not however actually clear up any inaccuracies in the very few details that are available to the public… BUT fear not,  I’ll be sure to update you on any new information concerning Ryan’s accident.

Sneak Peek! Aubree Has a Dirt Bike Accident While Visiting Adam!

Chelsea Houska

Here’s another sneak peek of the upcoming episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Chelsea Houska is “pissed” when she sees that Aubree scrapped her knee while she was visiting Adam.


Apparently he was riding with her on a dirk bike and she fell and scrapped it. Chelsea is of course in an uproar over this but I think it’s more so the way Aubs got hurt that’s driving her nuts. Adam is not allowed to operate any motor vehicle especially with Aubree aboard.

Check out the full sneak peek video over on WetPaint! 

Matt McCann Saves His Fiance’s Life!


Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann is like a completely different person these days than what we saw on the show. He’s gotten his life more in order, is spending time with his daughter and seems to be doing very well. He’s even happily engaged! His love was certainly shown this past weekend when Matt dove into freezing waters to save his drowning fiance!

On April 2oth 2014 Matt, Lekota and a friend headed out on a nature walk or “adventure” as they liked to put it, unfortunately it was way more adventurous than they bargained for. The following day the friend used Lekota’s twitter account to explain what happened. “Koda and Matt were in an accident yesterday,” the friend explained. “We were going on an adventure and to get where we were going there was a river and a bridge type deal you could walk across but at the Middle you had to jump, koda almost made it but she slipped and hit the rocks on the other side and was carried off my the current. Matt jumped in to get her and was almost injured himself. Koda was freezing and went into shock and passed out. She’s okay now though… Koda has bruises [and] scrapes. Matt’s okay. Both of their phones are ruined and they’re both in shock.”

There are now rumors being started that Matt has relapsed and the two are broken up but the truth is far from that. The two are still very much together and the accident had nothing to do with drugs. Matt is still on the straight and narrow. I’m just glad that everyone is okay now!