Farrah Abraham Planning to Adopt a Child!

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham has announced that she is planning to adopt a child!

Farrah Abraham

Let’s embrace the power and beauty that family brings with adoption. There are over 145 million orphans in the world. I grew up with all my neighbors being adopted and in foster care and I’ve seen it mean the world to them to have loving and caring homes ‘ a family.’ I hope soon Sophia and I can make a world of difference by bringing home a baby brother or sister for Sophia. I always have been passionate about adoption as it means so much to me, my family, my community, my church and my heart thank you to all the parents who have adopted and to all the amazing children with their loving families. God Bless” Farrah stated on Twitter.

Maybe boyfriend Simon has finally committed to getting serious with Farrah now that the couple are back together!


Catelynn Lowell Talks About Carly and Novalee Meeting and Their Future Relationship


‘Teen Mom’ stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are ecstatic to finally be parenting a baby of their own after placing their first daughter Carly up for adoption 6 years ago. Novalee is now about 3 months old and the couple know that they want her and Carly to be in each other’s lives.


We talked to Brandon and Teresa and eventually they’re going to meet,” Catelynn tells WetPaint. “And [Carly] knows that I had a baby and that her name is Nova. You know, we don’t go as far as saying, ‘This is your sister,’ or anything like that. Like, she knows her as Nova, just like we’re Tyler and Catelynn… One day [Carly] will meet Nova whether it be a visit or a Reunion show. I look forward to that.


Catelynn and Tyler want Novalee to know exactly who Carly is. “Nova’s gonna know everything about Carly, and what we did and everything… That’s why I put a picture of me, Tyler and her in her nursery.

VIDEO: Catelynn & Tyler Discuss Considering Abortion During Their First Pregnancy And Why They Couldn’t Do It

cate and tyler teen mom abortion

Catelynn and Tyler are expecting their second child this winter, but before they were pregnant again they were traveling the world telling their story of placing their first daughter up for adoption. Dublin, Ireland welcomed Cate and Ty to tell their story during the Love Festival. Catelynn opened up about finding out she was pregnant and how she briefly considered abortion before deciding on adoption.  Continue reading “VIDEO: Catelynn & Tyler Discuss Considering Abortion During Their First Pregnancy And Why They Couldn’t Do It”

Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Update! Photo Timeline + Adoption Drama!

Jenelle Evans Pregnant

It’s about time for another Jenelle Evans Pregnancy update! This may very well be the last one I do before she gives birth in June. Jenelle is about 30 weeks pregnant now and her bump is getting larger than life. If you think being 7 months pregnant was going to stop her from seeing Miley Cyrus though… you would be sorely mistaken!

The “bad girl” of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is trying desperately to turn her image around, constantly tweeting about her school work and time she’s spending with her son Jace. Unfortunately though Jenelle has more skeletons than she knows what to do with and they keep popping up everywhere. While she’s getting ready to give birth her “baby daddy” (I hate that term but what else should we call him really?) Nathan Griffith is sitting in jail for charges stemming from his third DUI arrest. He may be getting out before Jenelle gives birth but he still has to go to court for the DUI it’self next month. So we will have to wait and see how that turns out!

Another crazy bit of drama that’s surfaced is that Jenelle and Nathan actually considered adoption during this pregnancy. According to a report by The Real Teen Mom Talk, the couple were shopping around for an agency and asking how much they could be compensated for the adoption… It’s definitely shocking to hear considering how much Jenelle has shown off her baby bump since the very beginning and how much she has talked about using this baby to “prove” everyone wrong about her. Not to say that adoption would be a bad choice, their relationship definitely doesn’t seem stable enough for a child on top of having jace more… but the fact that they were allegedly asking for money in return is just plain sad. Jenelle makes a LOT of money from both MTV and her Teen Mom blog/Sulia. (She can play dumb on twitter all she wants to but trust me… you wish you made as much as she does.) Jenelle just has a bad track record of spending way too much money and screwing herself when it runs out. HOPEFULLY that’s not the case especially now that she’s about to have another baby. I’m hoping she has a little bit of an understanding as to how expensive babies are!

Finally despite Nathan’s old flame coming out with texts and photos that show his cheating ways… and the fact that we saw how violent Nathan can be from watching ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle insists that they are still together and very happy. Comment below and tell me what you think about Jenelle’s pregnancy and her crazy life!  Also check out the timeline below and Jenelle’s baby bump!

Jenelle Evans Pregnancy