Amber, Gary and Leah See Disney on Ice!

Amber Portwood and Leah 2014

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley have been getting along and working on co-parenting their cutie pie daughter Leah. The two recently took Leah to see Disney on Ice! It’s awesome seeing Amber and Gary doing this together for the sake of Leah. Gary tweeted a photo of Amber and Leah during the show stating “Disney on ice with Amber & @leah_leann doing it for Leah. Lol!” I am told that they are not dating but they want to do things as a family to make Leah happy.

It’s wonderful to see them doing things like this. Amber has been doing well since being released from prison. She is still clean and sober and making positive changes in her life!


Full Episode: Amber Portwood on Dr. Phil Show

Amber Portwood Dr. Phill

Did you miss Amber Portwood on the Dr. Phil show?? No problem! Check out the full episode below. Amber explains why she chose prison over rehab, why she physically attacked Gary Shirley and what she’s doing to stay clean and sober now! She goes into detail about what it feels like to be addicted to a drug and the struggles she went through.

Amber Portwood to Appear on Dr. Phil Show

Amber Portwood Dr. Phill

Former ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood is to appear on the Dr. Phil Show Friday December 20th. According to Dr. Phil’s website Amber is “opening up exclusively to Dr. Phil in her first post-prison television interview. Why did she choose prison over rehab — and potentially sacrifice years with her now 5-year-old daughter, Leah? And, now that she’s out of prison, can she stay clean? Plus, Amber speaks out about her struggles with anger, including domestic violence charges in 2010 involving Leah’s father, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Gary. What is their relationship like now? And, what’s their plan for raising their daughter? Plus, hear more about what’s next for Amber.”

In a sneak peek of Amber’s interview (watch that video here) she says that she was high during the entire filming of ‘Teen Mom’ which is shocking to me. I really thought her problems came well after having Leah, when she was prescribed medication for anxiety, but it looks like Amber’s struggle with drugs may have been something that was going on from the very beginning. She says to Dr. Phil “This is actually my first time on stage sober… so I’m really nervous!”