Jenelle Evans Pressing Larceny Charges Against Nathan Griffith – REPORT

While ‘Teen Mom 2’ star vacationed in Miami (and had her chin looked at by a plastic surgeon) her ex Nathan Griffith was busy taking the car that the two own from Jenelle’s home without her knowledge.


Jenelle had been using the car and it was considered her car even though they both had their names on it. According to RadarOnline Jenelle is pressing charges against Nathan for stealing the items she left inside the car. Jenelle says she had a stroller, car seat, ipad, expensive tanning lotion, clothes and jewelry in the car which is all together worth around $1,000.

There is now a warrant out for Nathan’s arrest.


Jenelle Evans Arrest Update! Released From Jail!


During all the excitement and celebration of ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Catelynn and Tyler getting married I totally almost forgot to update you all on ‘Teen Mom 2’ train-wreck Jenelle Evans.

Good news (?), she’s been released from jail on a $500 bond that she paid all by herself after assaulting Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend on Friday. She was picked up from the detention center by her old pal/ex boss James Duffy… If you don’t already know all the drama that is James and Jenelle… don’t worry yourself about it. If you DO know all about that… you are probably as UN-shocked as I am.


Our good friends over at Starcasm have James’ Twitter play by play along with court records all laid out nicely for you to check out if that interests you!

Jenelle is back online posting selfies and song lyrics like she never hit a girl over the head with a glass or anything.

Jenelle Evans Wanted by Police After Another Abusive Fight with Ex-Fiance -REPORT


More drama in ‘Teen Mom 2′ star Jenelle Evans’ life, she is currently wanted by the police after allegedly beating up her ex fiance Nathan Griffith on May 27th, 2015.

According to TMZ Jenelle and Nathan got into a physical altercation at Nathan’s home leaving him scratched and bruised.


“Nathan Griffith told Myrtle Beach cops Evans called him early Wednesday morning, informing him she was outside his home damaging his car.

Griffith says he ran outside where they began arguing and that’s when she attacked him, slapping, punching and even trying to kick him down a flight of stairs.” –TMZ


Nathan says that Jenelle wreaked of alcohol and tried to choke him. She was also screaming about Nathan not letting her take their son Kaiser.

After the news broke Jenelle retweeted her “PR” tweets that stated: “Nathan ran over Jenelle with his truck before the incident in the police report. Jenelle is seeking charges & is ready to get the truth out. Neighbors called the police after witnessing Nathan run Jenelle over. Her attorney is involved & this will be handled in compliance with LE.For those asking,Jenelle was at Nathan’s to pick up her son.Nathan stole her phone & refused to hand over Kaiser.This is how it started.


However as far as we know Jenelle has not contacted the police or visited the hospital for any alleged injuries she obtained during the fight. According to the incident report filed by Nathan Griffith, he is requesting a restraining order against Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle Evans Son Jace Reportedly Acting Out at School Due to Domestic Violence


In a new report the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star’s son Jace has been seriously affected by the domestic violence and outrageous arguments that have been going down between Jenelle and fiance(?) Nathan Griffith. The two separated right before a violent fight that lead to Nathan’s arrest.

According to a source that spoke with RadarOnline “The constant fighting all the time is affecting Jace at school. He gets scared whenever he goes over to Jenelle and Nathan’s house and the teachers notice it every time. It’s a pattern.

The source goes on to say that Jace isn’t doing his schoolwork and has been getting into fights. Jenelle is currently trying to regain custody of her son Jace, so it’s hard to say what will happen if she gets back together with Nathan. She’s due back in court in April.