Video Sneak Peek! Jenelle Evans Storms Off the Set of the Season 6 Reunion Special!

Jenelle Evans Reunion

After a heated argument with her mother Babs about their custody situation with Jace, Jenelle storms off the set refusing to continue filming.

It starts with Barbara explaining to Jenelle that she should have done everything in her power to get Jace back after signing over custody when he was a baby.

Jenelle Evans Storms Out

Look at you, you work at Walmart deli and I’m gonna be a medical assistant saving people’s life while you serve some f**king food,” Jenelle retaliated. She then stood up and stormed off the set telling crew members, “I’m done! You aren’t forcing me to f**king film!

Watch the intense scene below:


Jenelle Evans Son Jace Reportedly Acting Out at School Due to Domestic Violence


In a new report the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star’s son Jace has been seriously affected by the domestic violence and outrageous arguments that have been going down between Jenelle and fiance(?) Nathan Griffith. The two separated right before a violent fight that lead to Nathan’s arrest.

According to a source that spoke with RadarOnline “The constant fighting all the time is affecting Jace at school. He gets scared whenever he goes over to Jenelle and Nathan’s house and the teachers notice it every time. It’s a pattern.

The source goes on to say that Jace isn’t doing his schoolwork and has been getting into fights. Jenelle is currently trying to regain custody of her son Jace, so it’s hard to say what will happen if she gets back together with Nathan. She’s due back in court in April.

Barbara Expresses Concern About Giving Jenelle Custody of Jace

Jenelle Evans Custody

In a sneak peek of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle and Barbara finally sit down to really discuss when and if Jenelle will regain custody of her 5 year old son Jace. For those that don’t remember Jenelle signed custody of Jace over to Barbara before Jace was even a year old.

The conversation between Barbara and Jenelle and Nathan doesn’t take long to go downhill. Babs start talking about Nathan’s excessive drinking that has gotten him multiple DUIs. “I’m trying to have a simple adult conversation with him… I’m trying to tell him and you that it’s a huge concern… Every time I try to talk to Nathan he goes on the defense.

Nathan comes back into the room and tells Barbarra that she is being disrespectful to him and he wanted to remove his child from the room. He also brings up how Barbara raises Jace and the fact that he was dropping “F bombs” at 4 years old. Barbara simply says, “That’s not from me baby.”

Nathan Griffith

Nathan finally addresses his drinking problem by basically saying he doesn’t have one. “I will admit when I do drink, which it’s very rare that I do, I drink a bit too much. That’s why I try to cut down, that’s why I don’t drink very often.

Barbara admits that she never wanted to take custody of Jace and that it was Jenelle’s decisions and actions that led to that. Jenelle disagrees and says that she was “forced” to sign over custody. (Jenelle also admitted on Twitter that CPS was involved at that point and she didn’t have a choice anymore.) Barbara explains that Jenelle was gone for days at a time and doing drugs and that’s why things went down the way they did.

Barbara Evans

Finally though Barbara tells them to start looking for a house and schools and once they are settled they can start transitioning Jace into living with them full time. It breaks Babs’ heart but she admits that it’s time for Jenelle to step up.

Watch the fulll sneak peek video here!

Bonus Scene: Babs Talks About Nathan Shaving His Legs… Jace Says Nathan is Mean


At the end of last night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans bails on her mother and her son Jace while setting up her second baby shower. She speeds off while screaming “leave me alone!” and crying over Nathan who was being “so mean” to her. Well the show must go on so Babs fought through the tears and continued setting up and decorating for Jenelle’s shower. Continue reading “Bonus Scene: Babs Talks About Nathan Shaving His Legs… Jace Says Nathan is Mean”