Leah Messer Explains Plan B Birth Control & Breakup with Jason Jordan

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer received a huge backlash from the show’s fans recently after admitting that she uses ‘Plan B’ birth control “as needed.”

For those that may not know, ‘Plan B’ is an emergency contraceptive that helps prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

In a voiceover on the show Leah talks about getting on birth control because things are getting serious with Jason and that she had been using ‘Plan B.’

‘Teen Mom’ viewers freaked out on Leah on social media for using it too frequently and not for its intended use. So she took to her podcast to set the record straight.

“MTV definitely did the voice-over backward… They actually wanted me to make it sound like I used it as birth control, but I was very aware that you don’t use it as birth control. It’s something that you don’t use like that.

I do not think it is something that should be used frequently, but if something would happen, I would use it. I used it as needed. If I felt like I needed it, then I would use it.”

Leah also cleared up her reasons for breaking up with Jason after this week’s episode showed her daughters clashing with him. She tweeted:

“It was not a healthy relationship. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason. Of course, there needed to be a storyline to why we broke up but my girls had NOTHING to do with it. We were NOT compatible and it went on for longer than it should. It happens.”


Mackenzie Douthit Pregnant Again!??

Mackenzie DouthitTeen Mom 3’s Mackenzie Douthit already has 2 little ones to take care of and it seems like she may be adding another to her household. If she is announcing a pregnancy she is doing it in a rather odd way. Yesterday April 21st Mackenzie tweeted, “What I’ve learned today…. breast feeding is NOT birth control lol” 

I know right? This girl has had nothing but misconceptions about birth control from the very beginning. On her episode of 16 & Pregnant she said that she didn’t want to use birth control because she “didn’t want to get fat.” Now she’s saying she didn’t know that breast feeding wasn’t birth control? Don’t get me wrong a lot of women don’t go back on birth control right away because breast feeding usually does naturally prevent pregnancy but it’s not 100%. As the baby weans off of breast milk it becomes less effective at preventing pregnancy. (If you want to know more about that just research it because my son is 4 now so I don’t really remember all the facts on that topic! I do however have a friend who did the same thing and well.. she has 2 kids now!)

Well, Mackenzie finally got back on twitter today and when someone asked her if she was pregnant she said: “uhhhh definitely not.” Apparently she didn’t realize that her previous tweet would imply that she learns the hard way and that she was pregnant again. Thankfully she’s just happened to have learned a new fact about birth control and decided to share in a random tweet that would cause all kinds of speculation!