New Details: Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith, The Violent Fight That Ended Their Engagement


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans and her then fiance Nathan Griffith had a violent fight on Wednesday March 4th in the wee hours of the morning. The fight led to the police being called and Nathan being arrested for domestic violence. New details of the fight have now emerged and it looks like Jenelle and Nathan are done for good.

According to a source that spoke with E News, Nathan has admitted to cheating on Jenelle for the past 2 weeks. Jenelle had spent the previous night at a hotel and when she returned to gather some personal belongings Nathan demanded her engagement ring back.


The police report states that when Jenelle refused to hand over the ring Nathan pinned her in the bathroom and wrestled Jenelle to get the ring off her finger, which led to a cut on Jenelle’s finger.

Nathan claims that he never touched Jenelle, he says that she ripped the ring off her own finger and threw it at him. He then went on to tell police that Jenelle is violent and showed them “old scars” that she had allegedly given him.

MTV cameras were there at the time of the incident, so there is a good chance we will see some of this on a future episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Jenelle has stayed silent about the fight on Twitter. Her only tweet was about going on vacation sooner than expected. As far as her relationship with Nathan the source says “It’s over and she is looking for an apartment for her and the baby [Kaiser] today.


PHOTO! Amber Portwood & Gary Shirley Filming Again!

It’s so exciting to see the original ‘Teen Mom’ cast filming again! it has yet to be confirmed what exactly they are filming for but the rumor is that it’s a reboot of the original show.

Amber Portwood Filming

Amber and Gary met up to shop for school supplies for their daughter Leah, who had her first day of school on August fifth. MTV cameras were there to capture the moment which means there is definitely something new in the works.

Cataelynn and Tyler have also been pretty open about filming and I think I speak for all ‘Teen Mom’ fans when I say, I don’t care what they are doing I’m just glad they’re back!

More Evidence of the Original ‘Teen Moms’ Filming Again!

BrVETIhCUAEoLfCIt’s been rumored for quite a while now that the original ‘Teen Mom’ cast will be returning to MTV for a new show. It’s still unclear as to whether or not it will be a new season of ‘Teen Mom’ or another spin off of the show. Either way fans are super excited to see what is in store for the girls. It’s also been said that Farrah Abraham has been left out of future shows and projects that involve MTV.

Tyler Baltierra offered up some more evidence that the couple are filming again when he shared this photo of Catelynn Lowell in her car with three cameras mounted to the windshield. Which is how the show is filmed during car rides. “LOVE YOU BABE! Always know how to make me laugh,” Tyler captioned the photo.


These two are currently expecting their second child together, which they plan to keep. They have not publicly spoken about the pregnancy. (Even though obtained their first ultrasound photo which you can see here.) They may not be speaking out about the pregnancy because they are filming and they may be under contract to not divulge too many details about their lives to the public.