Corey Simms Responds to Leah’s Reaction to Ali Complaining About Miranda in ‘Teen Mom 2’ Episode

Corey Simms Remington

Last night’s episode was an emotional one for all the moms of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ especially for Leah Messer who found out that Corey’s wife Miranda wasn’t helping Ali carry her backpack after school. Leah’s cousin recorded Ali complaining that when her back pack is too heavy Miranda wont carry it for her because she’s holding her newborn daughter Remi… who apparently now gets all the attention. Leah took Ali’s complaints very seriously and immediately got emotional while talking with her sister about it. (Because little girls aren’t ever being dramatic or anything…)

Corey quickly took to Twitter to explain that this was a situation blown way out of proportion.

Watching tonight’s episode and shaking my head. People talk big. A simple co parenting convo turns into much more. A simple everyday task Gets blown way out of proportion. And my place is still the worse place for them to be. Tune in for much more TM2 action 😂


Miranda spoke with MTV stating, “I always try to carry Ali’s backpack for her… I would never try to do any harm to the children or create any kind of task that I know Ali cannot do. I’m not saying how she felt was wrong — her feelings are important. I just hope that we can move on, and I hope that the girls feel comfortable no matter where they are at one time.

Corey also added, “Miranda has been around the girls since they were two years old,” the father of three stated. “Miranda is aware of what Ali is capable of and what she’s not capable of doing. If Miranda would have felt that the backpack was too heavy, she would not have made her carry the backpack.


‘Teen Mom’ News! Corey Simms Shaves his Face (Finally), Babs Gets Her Own Show and Farrah Is Offensive As Usual…


So here is what you may have missed over recent weeks in the ‘Teen Mom’ universe while AllTheTeenMoms.Net went on a little hiatus. Apparently frequently bearded Corey Simms of ‘Teen Mom 2’ shaved and revealed his darling face to the world! See the photo here!


Farrah Abraham decided to show off the bedroom she lost her virginity in… for no real reason other than to plug her book in which she goes on and on about her teenage sex life. See the video of Farrah’s sexy(?) bedroom tour here!

Farrah was also in the news again recently when she made a racist comment on Instagram. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup has that story right here.


And probably the biggest news of the week is that Babs  finally got her own show! A web series on! The show is called ‘A Bae for Babs,’ and it’s fantastic. Watch the first several episodes and read more about the show here.

Stay tuned for more ‘Teen Mom’ news guys! There’s plenty more to come!

Leah Messer Regains Shared Custody of Twin Daughters!


After a heated battle between ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Leah Messer and Corey Simms a judge has finally ruled that the parents have 50/50 shared custody of their twin daughters Ali and Aleeah.

Corey Simms had won primary custody of the girls when Leah had been failing to get them to school on time or at all in some cases. However Leah was able to go back and prove that she did have the girls to school on time. She claimed that it was an error by the school. “I talked to the superintendent,” she told Us Weekly back in October, “and I’m sending them the [time-stamped] pictures I took to prove the girls were not tardy. They’re going to take them off.”


According to a source that spoke with the magazine Leah will now have her daughters Thursdays through Sundays, and Corey will have them the remainder of the week plus one weekend per month.

[Leah] proved in court that the kids were not tardy to school, so the judge said there was no reason the kids shouldn’t be with their mom predominantly,” the insider said.

Leah Messer Refuses to Let Ex-Husband Meet Her Boyfriend – Report


‘Teen Mom 2′ star Leah Messer has been dating personal trainer T. R. Dues since the Spring of 2015. The couple are reportedly living together and Leah’s daughters are even calling Dues’ children their “brothers.”

Leah is still keeping the relationship as private as possible. It’s been reported by several sources that the couple has been living together pretty much since they started dating.


Now ex-husband Corey Simms would like to meet up with T. R. to make sure he’s a good guy since he does spend a lot of time with his daughters Ali and Aleeah. However according to a source that spoke with RadarOnline… Leah is just not having it.

Leah denies his requests, for some unknown reason… She won’t explain why they can’t meet.” the insider says.

Leah and Corey are headed back to court next month to battle it out over custody yet again so perhaps her reasoning has something to do with her shot at getting primary custody of her daughters back? We will have to stay tuned to find out!