Leah Messer Regains Shared Custody of Twin Daughters!


After a heated battle between ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Leah Messer and Corey Simms a judge has finally ruled that the parents have 50/50 shared custody of their twin daughters Ali and Aleeah.

Corey Simms had won primary custody of the girls when Leah had been failing to get them to school on time or at all in some cases. However Leah was able to go back and prove that she did have the girls to school on time. She claimed that it was an error by the school. “I talked to the superintendent,” she told Us Weekly back in October, “and I’m sending them the [time-stamped] pictures I took to prove the girls were not tardy. They’re going to take them off.”


According to a source that spoke with the magazine Leah will now have her daughters Thursdays through Sundays, and Corey will have them the remainder of the week plus one weekend per month.

[Leah] proved in court that the kids were not tardy to school, so the judge said there was no reason the kids shouldn’t be with their mom predominantly,” the insider said.


Leah Messer Finally Admits to Drug Problem & Cheating in New Honest Interview


FINALLY Leah Messer of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is coming clean about all the issues she has had over the past couple of years. In a brand new revealing interview Leah opens up about cheating on ex-husband Jeremy Calvert with her first husband Corey Simms and about abusing prescription medication.

In the interview with UsMagazine Leah admits to popping anxiety medication for “about a week,” and also admits to abusing painkillers, hydrocodone and Percocet, after daughter Adalynn’s birth in 2013.


Which by the way was right around the time that Corey and Miranda Simms got married… “Corey and I did hook up two months after they got married,” Leah admitted. Which means she also cheated on her husband of the time, Jeremy Calvert.

It was recently said that Miranda knew about the cheating and forgave Corey… but clearly the situation has created understandable tension between Miranda and Leah.

Leah Calvert

Corey and Miranda Simms have now been given primary custody of the twins after an early October ruling, but Leah hasn’t given up.  “It was like a slap in the face,” Leah said of the ruling. “It hurt me. It made me angry… I feel like they should have both of us in their lives. At the end of the day, my kids are going to be happy, and I don’t care what I have to do to make them happy.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Leah recently posted on her personal Facebook stating, “I’ll always find a way to dodge your low blows and I promise you won’t push me until I break. I’ll never fall down! I’ll be standing stronger than ever!

Why Leah Messer May Lose Custody of Youngest Daughter Addie


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer recently lost primary custody of her daughters Ali and Aleeah. The girls are now in the care of their father Corey Simms during the school week and they visit Leah on the weekends.

This whole situation has Corey and Miranda Simms receiving a harsh backlash from ‘Teen Mom’ fans on social media and have caused the couple to step away from their online accounts. Hopefully the new arrangement will be more suitable for everyone especially the twins.


There’s nothing like actually having actual QUALITY time with my girls, for once. We aren’t running around to apts but INSTEAD we are having a fun filled weekend together l. ENJOYING each other as a family.  At the end of the day that’s what matters most,” Leah shared to her Twitter account when news broke that she lost custody of her twin daughters.

(PHOTOS: Corey & Miranda Simms Baby Shower!)

While Leah maybe feeling some relief of not having the hectic schedule of three children during the week there is still a concern for her youngest daughter Addie. “Everyone is very worried about Addie,” an insider told InTouch. “She recently wandered out of the house while Leah was distracted. Thankfully, a police officer found Addie and brought her home.

The source also claims that Addie’s father Jeremy Calvert is looking for a job closer to home so that he can arrange a similar custody agreement to Corey’s.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Loses Primary Custody of Daughters Ali & Aleeah! – REPORT


We’ve seen the battle between Leah Messer and ex-husband Corey Simms over their twin daughters Ali and Aleeah play out on ‘Teen Mom 2’ and it looks like things have finally come to an end. The teen dad never stopped fighting for custody of his daughters and has finally won the case on October 13th according to InTouch.


 “Leah only gets the girls on the weekends now,” a family insider told the magazine. “Leah’s really been screwing up since then, so Corey took her back to court. The judge looked at the girls’ school records, which show that they’ve been late for school, and made the change in custody.


Leah seemed to confirm the news on her twitter account stating, “There’s nothing like actually having actual QUALITY time with my girls, for once. We aren’t running around to apts but INSTEAD… we are having a fun filled weekend together. ENJOYING each other as a family. At the end of the day that’s what matters most ! #memories

It’s now being rumored that Leah’s other ex-husband (sigh) plans to seek primary custody of his daughter Addylyn. “Everyone is very worried about Addie. She recently wandered out of the house while Leah was distracted. Thankfully, a police officer found Addie and brought her back home.” The insider claimed. “If [Jeremy] can find [a job] nearby, he’ll go for the same custody arrangement that Corey did.