Leah Messer Finally Admits to Drug Problem & Cheating in New Honest Interview


FINALLY Leah Messer of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is coming clean about all the issues she has had over the past couple of years. In a brand new revealing interview Leah opens up about cheating on ex-husband Jeremy Calvert with her first husband Corey Simms and about abusing prescription medication.

In the interview with UsMagazine Leah admits to popping anxiety medication for “about a week,” and also admits to abusing painkillers, hydrocodone and Percocet, after daughter Adalynn’s birth in 2013.


Which by the way was right around the time that Corey and Miranda Simms got married… “Corey and I did hook up two months after they got married,” Leah admitted. Which means she also cheated on her husband of the time, Jeremy Calvert.

It was recently said that Miranda knew about the cheating and forgave Corey… but clearly the situation has created understandable tension between Miranda and Leah.

Leah Calvert

Corey and Miranda Simms have now been given primary custody of the twins after an early October ruling, but Leah hasn’t given up.  “It was like a slap in the face,” Leah said of the ruling. “It hurt me. It made me angry… I feel like they should have both of us in their lives. At the end of the day, my kids are going to be happy, and I don’t care what I have to do to make them happy.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Leah recently posted on her personal Facebook stating, “I’ll always find a way to dodge your low blows and I promise you won’t push me until I break. I’ll never fall down! I’ll be standing stronger than ever!


VIDEO Sneak Peek! Leah Calvert’s Downward Spiral in ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6

Leah Calvert Depression

‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 begins July 9th at 10pm on MTV. In this sneak peek of the season Leah is shown dealing with depression, anxiety, stress and drug accusations…. along with taking care of three beautiful daughters and dealing with the decline of her second marriage. “That happy person I used to be is fading away,” Leah says in the video clip below.

Leah Calvert Released From Rehab!


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert has returned from her short stint in rehab. Leah entered a facility after several reports of her alleged drug use. Leah maintained that her stay was for stress and depression. (Which we saw her talk about briefly during the Season 6 Trailer. Watch that here.)

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that Leah’s new boyfriend T.R. has been house hunting while she was in rehab. The couple are already looking to rent a home together along with Leah’s daughters.


Leah resurfaced on social media over the weekend, posting a sweet photo of her three girls and stating that she is a “Blessed Mommy.” We will most likely see Leah’s stint in rehab on the next season of TM2 since the cast is still currently filming.

Corey Simms Once Again Battling for Custody of Twin Daughters


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert is currently in a rehab facility while her ex husband Corey Simms reportedly plans to fight for custody of his twin daughters Ali and Aleeah Simms.

With her drug and emotional issues, Corey doesn’t think Leah is in any shape to be a good mother right now,” an insider told RadarOnline. “He will stop at nothing to make sure his girls are in safe hands.

Aleah & Ali w/Leah at Cheer Banquet
Aleah & Ali w/Leah at Cheer Banquet

Leah already has a new boyfriend who she has allegedly had living with her and her three daughters at Momma Dawn’s house. (Read all about that here. ) There is even a photo that suggests she has had this man sleeping in the same bed with her girls after only knowing him for a month. (It is believed that she covered his face with a heart. She also tagged him in the photo. See that here.)

There have been numerous reports of Leah’s alleged drug use but she still seems to be using “stress, anxiety and depression” as her reasons for entering rehab. Do you think Corey is right to be worried about his girls?