Jenelle Evans Threatens to Quit ‘Teen Mom 2’ After Nathan Engagement Rumors


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans has been in a new relationship for a whole couple of months now and claims to be totally happy with her new live in boyfriend. “Life is so great right now, I have no complaints. For the past 2 months everything has been so good makes me want to cry of happiness. Weird,” Jenelle shared on Twitter last week.

However when Jenelle got wind that baby daddy Nathan Griffith may have proposed to his current girlfriend Jessica… Jenelle had a meltdown. 


Well keep on doing that and filming with MTV…like you guys have been. Attention seeker. I’m done with the show,” she posted to Twitter. “Isn’t Teen Mom supposed to be about being a teen parent? I’m confused, the focus seems like it has shifted.”

After Jenelle rants on Twitter Nathan took to his own account to deny the rumors.  “Despite most rumors, we are not engaged and we are just enjoying our time together. That’s it!

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Jenelle is still filming the next season of ‘Teen Mom 2 and has not decided to quit the show any time soon.


What Does Daughter Leah Think of Amber Portwood’s Engagement?


‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood is happily engaged these days, she and fiance Matt Baird are currently living together and plan to get married by the end of the year.

So how did little Leah take this news? “It was crazy when they met because it was kind of natural. She thought it was just so neat… to have somebody with mommy. She absolutely adores him,” Amber says in an interview with WetPaint. “He even talked to her about the marriage and that’s actually on camera so you guys can see what she said, it was adorable… and I was asleep so I had no clue.

New Details: Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith, The Violent Fight That Ended Their Engagement


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans and her then fiance Nathan Griffith had a violent fight on Wednesday March 4th in the wee hours of the morning. The fight led to the police being called and Nathan being arrested for domestic violence. New details of the fight have now emerged and it looks like Jenelle and Nathan are done for good.

According to a source that spoke with E News, Nathan has admitted to cheating on Jenelle for the past 2 weeks. Jenelle had spent the previous night at a hotel and when she returned to gather some personal belongings Nathan demanded her engagement ring back.


The police report states that when Jenelle refused to hand over the ring Nathan pinned her in the bathroom and wrestled Jenelle to get the ring off her finger, which led to a cut on Jenelle’s finger.

Nathan claims that he never touched Jenelle, he says that she ripped the ring off her own finger and threw it at him. He then went on to tell police that Jenelle is violent and showed them “old scars” that she had allegedly given him.

MTV cameras were there at the time of the incident, so there is a good chance we will see some of this on a future episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Jenelle has stayed silent about the fight on Twitter. Her only tweet was about going on vacation sooner than expected. As far as her relationship with Nathan the source says “It’s over and she is looking for an apartment for her and the baby [Kaiser] today.