Corey Simms Responds to Leah’s Reaction to Ali Complaining About Miranda in ‘Teen Mom 2’ Episode

Corey Simms Remington

Last night’s episode was an emotional one for all the moms of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ especially for Leah Messer who found out that Corey’s wife Miranda wasn’t helping Ali carry her backpack after school. Leah’s cousin recorded Ali complaining that when her back pack is too heavy Miranda wont carry it for her because she’s holding her newborn daughter Remi… who apparently now gets all the attention. Leah took Ali’s complaints very seriously and immediately got emotional while talking with her sister about it. (Because little girls aren’t ever being dramatic or anything…)

Corey quickly took to Twitter to explain that this was a situation blown way out of proportion.

Watching tonight’s episode and shaking my head. People talk big. A simple co parenting convo turns into much more. A simple everyday task Gets blown way out of proportion. And my place is still the worse place for them to be. Tune in for much more TM2 action 😂


Miranda spoke with MTV stating, “I always try to carry Ali’s backpack for her… I would never try to do any harm to the children or create any kind of task that I know Ali cannot do. I’m not saying how she felt was wrong — her feelings are important. I just hope that we can move on, and I hope that the girls feel comfortable no matter where they are at one time.

Corey also added, “Miranda has been around the girls since they were two years old,” the father of three stated. “Miranda is aware of what Ali is capable of and what she’s not capable of doing. If Miranda would have felt that the backpack was too heavy, she would not have made her carry the backpack.


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FEUD! Nicki Minaj Calls Out Farrah Abraham!

Randomly… Nicki Minaj found herself watching the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and had some choice words for Farrah Abraham! She took to Twitter, referring to the scene in which Farrah brings her mother to tears over being her “nanny.”

//  Farrah of course responded to the stars insults.  



Farrah Abraham Physically Assaulted Producer Larry on Camera – REPORT

2016-01-02 (3)

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B trailer showcased a rather nasty fight between Farrah Abraham and her MTV producer Larry in which she called him a “dumb twisted mother f**ker.” However the trailer didn’t show how violent that particular fight really became.

According to an audience member that attended the TMOG aftershow taping Farrah pushed Larry on camera. “In the clip we watched, Farrah physically pushed Larry in her front yard…” they told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.She called him white trash and all these other mean names. They showed us the clip after Farrah left. It was almost like they did that on purpose.

2016-01-01 (44)

Farrah was furious about having to film and being told she couldn’t film a show for another network. “Larry the producer said she was at breach of contract because she was filming a show with her mom Debra that’s similar to ‘Teen Mom.’ That’s what started Farrah off on her rant.

The Ashley also says that it seems that Farrah and Larry are on better terms now and were seen together at a party in NYC.