Farrah Abraham Gets Bloody on the Set of ‘Axeman 2 Overkill’


As most of you know Farrah Abraham is going to be in a horror movie! And no it’s not another porn. This time Farrah will be keeping her clothes on thank goodness, instead we will just substitute the sex with violence and gore. Much better.

Anyway, I personally can’t wait to see this one and even though I know a lot of you don’t love Farrah… I think seeing her bloody might be enough to get most Teen Mom fans to watch! Will we get a Farrah  I mean Fannie death scene?? J/k J/k I’m sure we all want Farrah to make it through the movie alive… right?

I love every crazy Farrah Abraham moment she shares with us and I really think she will play a crazy-bible-thumping-Christian lady (Fannie Rae Baker) very well. We will definitely also get to see the infamous Farrah cry face and who doesn’t love that?

Farrah Abraham Axeman 2

Axeman 2 is said to be hitting theaters sometime this year.


Chelsea Houska Refuses to Film Boyfriend Cole and Ex Adam Meeting


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea Houska wont be faking anything for MTV cameras. A new report says that Chelsea’s new man Cole DeBoer meeting ex Adam Lind face to face for the cameras is definitely NOT going to happen.

Chelsea made it clear that Adam and Cole were not going to hang out for a dramatic scene,” a family member told RadarOnline. “It would never happen in real life, so why force it? Adam is not a part of Chelsea’s life, so it’s not important.


The source also said that Cole “has filmed once so far,” and that, “There may be more opportunities in the future.” But no way is Chelsea going to force an awkward dramatic situation between Adam and Cole just for the sake of MTV.

The two were actually in the same room during a court hearing on March 23rd in which Adam was trying to get unsupervised visits of Aubree. The judge denied Adam’s request so he still has to have his parents present when visiting with Aubs. Adam was also arrested yet again directly following the hearing due to a warrant he was unaware of. Read all about that fiasco here.