Nathan Griffith Only Allowed Supervised Visitation with Son Kaiser


It’s unclear what exactly is going on with ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith. The couple called off their engagement and parted ways recently but have also been spotted together since their breakup. (Who can keep up with that mess honestly??)

Aside from that drama it looks like the two have at least come to an agreement about visitation with their son Kaiser. Jenelle seems to have primary physical custody of her son. (Jace is still with Babs in case you were wondering.)


According to a source close to Jenelle that spoke with RadarOnline, Nathan has been visiting Kaiser and his daughter from a previous relationship at his mother’s home and is not allowed to keep his kids overnight. “Jenelle is really glad he’s spending time with the kids because they need bonding time with their father, no matter what her and Nathan’s personal issues are… but Jenelle would rather have the kids stay at Nathan’s mom’s.

Apparently this was already the set up with Nathan’s daughter… obviously Jenelle has no say in what goes on with Emery’s visitation schedule.  “Kai is with Nathan’s mom this weekend, with Nathan’s daughter,” the friend says, “And Nathan is seeing them today with his mom. Jenelle isn’t comfortable with Nathan having them overnight.


Jenelle Evans Reportedly Moving Away with Kaiser After Breakup with Nathan Griffith


Just in case you haven’t heard ‘Teen Mom 2’ couple Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have officially split yet again. Nathan even has a new girlfriend which he has made “Facebook Official,” and Jenelle has been spotted bar hoping with ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp!


A friend of Jenelle’s tells RadarOnline  that Jenelle and Nathan are no longer speaking about anything except their son Kaiser and that Jenelle is planning to move away from Nathan soon.  “Jenelle is trying to move to Wilmington, N.C. She wants to move to make a fresh start. Kaiser would move with Jenelle and Nathan knows that.


Fortunately as of right now it doesn’t look like Nathan will be putting up much of a fight about Jenelle moving with Kaiser. “Nathan says it will upset him that his son will be 1.5 hours away but he said he will just have to go up to visit him or meet Jenelle with his mom. They haven’t spoken about it yet. She needs to move first,” the friend said.

Photos! Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Came Together to Celebrate Kaiser’s First Birthday

Kaiser Griffith

It would be an understatement to say that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith of ‘Teen Mom 2’ have had a rocky relationship from the start. The two ended their engagement earlier this year when yet another incident of domestic violence took place.

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#SmashCake #FindingNemo 🐠

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Fortunately Nathan and Jenelle seem to have worked things out enough to spend Kaiser’s first Birthday party together. “Even though we have our ups and downs one thing will never change… U are and always will be a great father. 💕” Jenelle said of Nathan on Instagram.

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Before his messiness. ☺️💋 #BabyLove

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Kaiser’s first Birthday wasn’t the only thing being celebrated, it was also Father’s Day! Jenelle wished Nathan a “Happy Father’s Day” on instagram followed by  more little heart emojis.

Could these two crazy kids be trying to work things out as a couple? Or could they just be happily co-parenting on good terms?

Nathan Griffith Already Introduces Son Kaiser to New Woman!


Looks like the chances of ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith working out their issues is becoming more and more slim. The couple split in March when Nathan was arrested for domestic violence during a fight the couple had while filming for the show. (Hear the 911 calls here)

Nathan allegedly admitted to cheating on Jenelle for 2 weeks prior to the fight, only a short time after becoming engaged to Jenelle. According to Jenelle’s Facebook rants Nathan has already introduced their son Kaiser to his new gal pal. “Introducing some random chick to our son? Wow that was fast.


Jenelle also posted to Facebook stating, “Homewrecking at its finest, and U said u found urself a Christian ?! Wow. Im not going to blast U too badly Cuz u kno what U did but damn..” and… “He can focus on some piece of meat and I’ll focus on being a mother to my amazing boys and school.

Now that she’s back from her solo trip to Puerto Rico Jenelle is currently looking for a new place to live with her son Kaiser. (Jace is still in the care of Babs). She tweeted “I hate house hunting, thank god for my new friend. ” Hopefully she’s referring to a non romantic friend!