Amber Portwood’s Son James No Longer a Part of ‘Teen Mom OG’

Amber Portwood’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon is currently fighting for full custody of their son James Glennon after Amber allegedly attacked Andrew in a manic rage on the 4th of July.

In response to a fan on Instagram who wanted more details on the current situation, James and Andrew are no longer a part of the MTV show.

“James and I aren’t a part of the show anymore it seems. Follow your ladies —-> they went that way.”

Andrew has been pretty vocal in the media about everything going on. “Andrew has been nothing but faithful and loving to Amber since the day they met,” an insider told UsWeekly. “All he wanted was a happy family with Amber, but her lack of self-care with her mental health disorders and choosing not to take her medications regularly has caused great stress among the two.”

Amber however has been quiet on social media but has had the ‘Teen Mom’ cast by her side for her latest court date. Even her ex Gary Shirley.

Amber’s brother Shawn also maintained her innocence in a recent interview.

“This whole thing is a setup and it has been from the beginning, the more I read about what’s going on,” Shawn told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “He’s trying to get her to pay for everything and make it to where the only thing he has to do is literally just look after the boy. It is not fair and she doesn’t deserve what’s happening to her.”

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Briana DeJesus: This Show Means Nothing to Me

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Briana DeJesus released a series of tweets on Wednesday insinuating that MTV May have put her children in danger…

After telling fans that she wanted to rant “but can’t” she went on to say that ‘Teen Mom 2’ means nothing to her when it comes to her kids.

“All I am going to say is, this ‘tv show’ I am on means nothing to me…the only thing I care about are both my kids…and if you are willing to put my kids in danger we got some real problems,” Briana tweeted.

She didn’t give any more details but considering the fact that this tweet came after a disparaging tweet about both her “baby daddies” perhaps the “danger” she’s referring to has something to do with them?

The scene between Luis, Briana and Stella in this week’s episode was uncomfortable and seemed very forced. Stella was shy when it came to her dad so Briana held on to her like she was protecting her from a rabid animal. Which seemed very odd.

What do you guys think? Is there a connection between Briana’s tweets and filming with Luis and/or Devoin?

Leah Messer Speaks Publicly About Recent Breakup

‘Teen Mom2’ Star Leah Messer and boyfriend Jason Jordan sadly split recently. The details of their breakup are still a bit unclear since Leah has understandably kept quite about the matter on social media.

That hasn’t stopped fans from speculating and picking apart her every post. So Leah finally took to Twitter to let her fans know that she’s fine and her posts are not an attack on her ex.

“Just to be very clear, Nothing that I post is in reference to my recent break up or Jason! I wish him the best!!!!” She stated.

‘Teen Mom’ Star Ashley Jones Accused of Faking Domestic Violence

Over the weekend ‘Teen Mom Young And Pregnant’ star Ashley Jones shared videos on Instagram of a fight with boyfriend Bar Smith. In one of the videos Ashley states that Bar “beats” her and “puts his hands on her.

Ashley Jones Teen Mom

In a now deleted video Ashley can be seen smacking herself hard in the face before ranting about Bar’s alleged abuse. She deleted the video and re-posted it with the beginning cut out and then again deleted the video all together… but not before a fan recorded the video on her phone. (Watch the Video Here)


Since the fight (and the fan backlash) both Ashley and Bar (and their moms) seem to have calmed down. Ashley shared another video explaining that “all couples fight” and that she loves Bar and wants for things to work with him. She also took to Twitter to apologize for the feud between herself and Bar’s mother Shen. “Said and did a lot of sh*t to my mother in law that wasn’t ok. I love her and her son and want to move forward because my daughter deserves it.

As for the hitting herself in the face… she says she was in no way trying to frame Bar and she actually never accused him of being the one to slap her. “Slapping myself to come to realization what I can’t have a mental break down , never once accused Bar of being the one to slap me, couples fight . Is that it is.”

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