Photos/Videos: Jenelle Evans Gets Her “Nathan” Tattoo Covered Up!

Remember that time ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans got a tattoo of her boyfriends name and “lol’d” at people who told her it was a bad idea? Well… as it turns out… it WAS a bad idea. They are no longer together and it doesn’t look like they will ever get back together so… time for a tattoo cover up!

Jenelle Evans Tattoo

Jenelle opened up on her blog  about what a huge mistake her tattoo was. “At the time, I figured I’ve been with this man and did in-fact fall in love with him and honestly believed I would be with him the rest of my life in such a short period. I acted quickly, and we both came up with the idea to get an ambigram of each other’s names on our hips for being ‘attached at the hip’.” She also said that she had been working on the idea for her new tattoo for a while. ” I put a lot of thought into this piece and it has been months in the making. I chose this tattoo because like an octopus uses it’s ink for a defense mechanism, I’m using this idea to cover up my old tattoo with the ‘ink’ of the octopus over it as a defense for me to get rid of something that I don’t want to see anymore.

2016-03-04 (4)

Here are a few videos of Jenlle getting her new tat:



Jenelle Evans Pressing Larceny Charges Against Nathan Griffith – REPORT

While ‘Teen Mom 2’ star vacationed in Miami (and had her chin looked at by a plastic surgeon) her ex Nathan Griffith was busy taking the car that the two own from Jenelle’s home without her knowledge.


Jenelle had been using the car and it was considered her car even though they both had their names on it. According to RadarOnline Jenelle is pressing charges against Nathan for stealing the items she left inside the car. Jenelle says she had a stroller, car seat, ipad, expensive tanning lotion, clothes and jewelry in the car which is all together worth around $1,000.

There is now a warrant out for Nathan’s arrest.

Jenelle Evans Heading to Trial for Assault Case with Nathan’s Girlfriend!


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans will reportedly be heading to trial for allegedly assaulting Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend, Jessica Henry, by throwing a glass mason jar at her back in August of 2015.

According to a report by RadarOnline Jenelle’s attorney was granted a request for a jury trial. Which is interesting because according to the police report the officer that spoke with Jenelle at the scene did not believe her version of the events.


Jenelle claimed that she accidentally threw the glass while trying to throw water at Jessica and that Jessica caught the glass and threw it back at her. The officer stated that “this would have made the broken glass somewhere farther in the driveway,” and that Jenelle did not appear to be injured in any way. The officer did however feel a lump on the side of Jessica’s head where she claimed to be struck with the glass causing it to shatter.

The trial is said to take place sometime in 2016.

Nathan Griffith Only Allowed Supervised Visitation with Son Kaiser


It’s unclear what exactly is going on with ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith. The couple called off their engagement and parted ways recently but have also been spotted together since their breakup. (Who can keep up with that mess honestly??)

Aside from that drama it looks like the two have at least come to an agreement about visitation with their son Kaiser. Jenelle seems to have primary physical custody of her son. (Jace is still with Babs in case you were wondering.)


According to a source close to Jenelle that spoke with RadarOnline, Nathan has been visiting Kaiser and his daughter from a previous relationship at his mother’s home and is not allowed to keep his kids overnight. “Jenelle is really glad he’s spending time with the kids because they need bonding time with their father, no matter what her and Nathan’s personal issues are… but Jenelle would rather have the kids stay at Nathan’s mom’s.

Apparently this was already the set up with Nathan’s daughter… obviously Jenelle has no say in what goes on with Emery’s visitation schedule.  “Kai is with Nathan’s mom this weekend, with Nathan’s daughter,” the friend says, “And Nathan is seeing them today with his mom. Jenelle isn’t comfortable with Nathan having them overnight.