Leah Calvert Reportedly a “Miserable” Mess at New Years Eve Party

Leah and Jeremy Calvert seemed to be trying to work out their troubled relationship when they attended a New Years Eve Party at the Embassy Suites in Charleston, West Virginia.

Leah shared a couple of cute photos of the two together after much speculation that Jeremy and Leah were no longer living together due to her alleged cheating. “I couldn’t have imagined spending my New Year with anyone else! I love you baby,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m pretty sure I told everyone we did not split up.. Maybe some people will believe me,” she added.


However according to another guest at the party, “Leah looked really unhappy,” the guest told RadarOnline. “She barely spoke with Jeremy and neither seemed to be having a good time.

Later in the night Leah was seen in the bathroom not looking well at all. She had allegedly been drinking heavily at the party’s open bar. “She was a mess, like she was out of her mind, Her friend kept saying ‘Leah, you can’t be doing this anymore.’ She seemed like she needed help.”


Photos! Farrah Abraham Celebrates the New Year with a New Man!


Former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham may have a new love in her life! She shared the following collage of herself with a mystery man on New Years Eve.

Farrah hasn’t said a word about her new romantic relationship but who would expect her to? This reality star gets a lot of heat from fans about pretty much everything she does ever since making the sad mistake of starring in an adult film.


Farrah has been busy with her many business endeavors and still continues to make public appearances at bars and clubs and recently filmed as a real actress in a horror flick. She’s currently selling her house in Texas.