Adam Lind Reportedly Granted 50/50 Custody of Daughter Paislee!


As we saw in a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ season 6, Adam Lind’s ex Taylor was thinking about settling her issues with Adam regarding their daughter Paislee outside of court, much to the dismay of Adam’s other baby mama Chelsea Houska.

According to Teen Mom Junkies, the couple were able to come to an agreement in which Adam has some custody of his daughter Paislee. Adam confirmed in a comment on Facebook that he does have custody of her. Taylor still has physical custody of Paislee but it appears that Adam now has 50% legal custody and a set visitation plan which Taylor confirms is, “every other weekend and one night per week.”


As for Adam’s battle with Chelsea over their daughter Aubree it looks like everything has stayed the same. Adam was denied custody, permission to drive Aubree AND unsupervised visitation with her.


Adam Lind Gets a Vasectomy!


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Adam Lind may have just made the best decision of his life! A new report says that Chelsea’s baby daddy is done having kids and got a vasectomy last week!

Adam knows he doesn’t want any more kids, so he decided to go for it,” a friend tells RadarOnline, “He already has more chaos than he can handle!


Adam is currently behind on child support for his second daughter Paislee and rarely gets to see her as a result. Adam was also recently denied unsupervised visits with his and Chelsea’s daughter Aubree.

Adam Lind’s Ex Talks About Recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ Drama

adam-lind-aubree-paislee (1)

In a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ we were introduced to Adam Lind’s new girlfriend. Due to Adam’s fertility we now get to hear two baby mamas complain about her! Not only did Chelsea have some choice words but Adam’s ex Taylor did as well.  Continue reading “Adam Lind’s Ex Talks About Recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ Drama”

Adam Lind is Out of Jail and Still with Girlfriend Taylor Halbur:

Taylor Halbur Adam Lind

‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Adam Lind is out of jail and it looks like girlfriend Taylor Halbur is standing by her man even after yet another run in with the law. Adam was recently arrested for driving without a valid driver’s license. He hasn’t been legally able to drive for quite a while now thanks to multiple DUIs.

Despite his inability to stay out from behind the wheel Taylor continues to try and make their relationship work. She tweeted on May 21st “Family no matter the situation 🙂” with the photo above. The two seem to be going about life now without showing too much worry about what is going to happen legally with Adam. He’s still in hot water from his recent fiery car wreck, but right now the two are enjoying going to the gym and having family time.