Leah Messer Finally Admits to Drug Problem & Cheating in New Honest Interview


FINALLY Leah Messer of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is coming clean about all the issues she has had over the past couple of years. In a brand new revealing interview Leah opens up about cheating on ex-husband Jeremy Calvert with her first husband Corey Simms and about abusing prescription medication.

In the interview with UsMagazine Leah admits to popping anxiety medication for “about a week,” and also admits to abusing painkillers, hydrocodone and Percocet, after daughter Adalynn’s birth in 2013.


Which by the way was right around the time that Corey and Miranda Simms got married… “Corey and I did hook up two months after they got married,” Leah admitted. Which means she also cheated on her husband of the time, Jeremy Calvert.

It was recently said that Miranda knew about the cheating and forgave Corey… but clearly the situation has created understandable tension between Miranda and Leah.

Leah Calvert

Corey and Miranda Simms have now been given primary custody of the twins after an early October ruling, but Leah hasn’t given up.  “It was like a slap in the face,” Leah said of the ruling. “It hurt me. It made me angry… I feel like they should have both of us in their lives. At the end of the day, my kids are going to be happy, and I don’t care what I have to do to make them happy.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Leah recently posted on her personal Facebook stating, “I’ll always find a way to dodge your low blows and I promise you won’t push me until I break. I’ll never fall down! I’ll be standing stronger than ever!


Leah Calvert Looking Gaunt at Sister’s Wedding Plus New Details On Her Upcoming Rehab


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert recently attended her sister Victoria’s wedding along with her 3 daughters Ali, Aleeah and Addy. Jeremy did not attend and it’s been reported from several sources that Jeremy has filed for divorce and the couple are no longer living together.

Leah looked thin, pale and unhappy on Victoria’s special day. A source tells InTouch that Leah “seemed completely miserable,” at the wedding. They added that she also, “bemoaned having to pose for a group photo after the ceremony and asked her friend to drive her and her kids to the reception – but two-year-old Adalynn wasn’t even in a car seat.

Leah Calvert Divorce

Leah is headed to rehab next week reportedly for a pain killer addiction, however according to the source,“She’s telling everyone that she’s going away for therapy.

Leah’s mother Dawn took to Facebook stating: “Leah is NOT going to rehab lol. This is Momma Dawn and I 100% ASSURE you that Leah is NOT going to a DRUG REHAB. Lots of LOVE to the true fans. all will come out on the upcoming show about Leah Dawn Calvert, Jeremy, Corey,Miranda, and the babies. But rest assure I HATE drugs don’t want association with them and wouldn’t NEVER Condone them.

Leah Calvert’s Friends Want Her In Rehab – Reportedly Planning Intervention


It’s been “rumored” for a while now that Leah Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is addicted to painkillers. Several sources have come forward confirming that Leah has been getting high for years. Now it looks like Leah’s friends may be planning to stage an intervention and get her help.


 In the wake of Leah’s alleged cheating scandal an insider tells UsWeekly that “Leah’s not in a good place right now. She’s lost. Her friends think she needs rehab.” It’s also stated that MTV would definitely pay for Leah to attend a rehab facility much like they did for Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood. The source says that MTV is “as shocked about this as the fans and genuinely want her to get help.

Leah Calvert’s Grandma Sandy Accused of Giving Leah Pills??


Leah’s family has been all over social media lately blabbing about her business. Even her own grandmother Sandy Kay has been on Facebook saying her piece about Leah’s marriage troubles, which you can read about here. 

Sandy took to Facebook yet again this time to set some things straight about her granddaughter’s sad alleged drug scandal. From what Grandma is saying, It sounds to me that someone in Leah’s family sold a story to the media about Leah’s grandmother giving Leah pills, thus contributing to Leah’s alleged addiction. Well at least that’s what I think she’s saying… Tell me if you can decipher her rant any better than I can! Here is what Grandma Sandy had to say:

It was told on facebook media so ima answer this one time on socail media I dont do pills as a drugggie an I dont give them too my grandchildren you can tell all the lies you want but you just rember tryinging to tell this too my children is gonna be a mess youjust rember that magazines will do anything for a story an they will give your name up at some point .an when they do you better belive you will not like me .dont call yourself family or any part of me an tell things you dont know about this will be the last breath I will waste on this trash .or the trash telling it.

Dawn, Leah and the twins

Leah’s mother Dawn commented under her mother’s status saying, “Tell them ALL even the so called damn family I said KISS MY ASS! and if they don’t like that come on down to my damn house and GET THEM some! They will need a more than a pain pill when I’m done they will get a whole CLIP full of pills! I’m tired of the bullshit pill stuff.

Leah and her family obviously deny all the drug allegations despite the many sources that have come forward with their worries for Leah’s health and the well being of her children.