Photos! Butch Baltierra Out of Prison & Meeting Granddaughter for the First Time!

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Tyler Baltierra is ecstatic that his father Butch is a free man just in time for him to attend Cate and Ty’s wedding! While waiting for Butch to be released Tyler shared on social media, “It’s been 4 years since I have seen him & words can’t describe how happy I am that he will make it to my wedding! He has missed way too many important days of my life…I’m happy to say that my wedding will NOT be one of those days!#‎ButchIsFree‬ #‎PopsIsOut #‎HappySon

Butch Baltierra

After getting fitted for tuxes for the wedding Tyler shared this heartfelt post on instagram: “Look at my pops all jazzed up! First time ever being in a tux…I gotta tell ya, I really missed having him around. It’s good to have him home #ButchIsFree #PopsIsOut

Butch & Novalee
Butch & Novalee


Amber Portwood Opens Up About Prison Life:

Amber Portwood Maury

Amber Portwood Appeared on the Maury show last week to help some unruly teenage girls who were headed down a familiar road. Amber’s job was to inform the girls of what could happen if they continued their dangerous lifestyle.

Listen to me and listen good,” Amber warned the girls.  “You all drink and use drugs? I did that too. You all want to have sex and get pregnant? I did that and had a baby. You all want to fight and cause drama? Yep, I did that too. You know where it landed me? In jail for 17 months. I had to clean toilets and eat disgusting prison food. You think you can handle all that? I don’t.

Anyone who watches these talk shows knows that these crazy teens never accept advice right away, they usually back talk and resist, but Amber had a quick response to that, again referencing her experience in prison. “When you’re getting jumped in the bathroom by three girls, you learn to shut your mouth.

One of the girls had to mop the floor of a shelter but seemed confused as to what that had to do with prison… Amber explained that mopping floors was her prison job, eight hours a day. Another girl had to clean toilets and got really out of control but Amber talked her down and she eventually agreed to do the work.

From what I’ve seen in her short time of talking with these young ladies it’s even more clear to me now that this is Amber’s calling. She is meant to work with teens who need guidance and I am confident that she will help a lot of people in her future.

Nathan Griffith Released from Jail!

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Well that was unexpected! Nathan was supposed to serve at least 30 days in jail for resisting arrest (among other things) when he got caught drinking and driving for the third time. Oddly though he ended up only serving about a third of that time. Nathan got out of jail just in time for Easter dinner and another doctor’s appointment for Jenelle today.

I’m still fairly certain that he has not gone to court for the actual DUI yet, which again is odd because I thought those types of cases were done right away. It’s a real concern that he may be headed right back behind bars since this is his third DUI offence which will leave Jenelle with a newborn to raise on her own.

Nathan Griffith

However in Jenelle-land it’s all smiles when she welcomed home her man. She surprised him with a special wall she decorated with photos of the two of them and some lights. (Pictured above) She had been working on that little project while he was in jail to keep herself busy I guess and to have something special waiting for him when he got home.

Jenelle and Nathan’s relationship will be discussed on this week’s Teen Mom 2 Reunion, see a sneak peek HERE!

Amber Portwood Slams Jenelle Evans

amber vs jenelle evans

Amber Portwood who was recently released from prison and is now clean and sober is revealing that in her opinion Jenelle Evans is making all the wrong decisions. In a recent interview with InTouch Amber says “You have one child you need to think about before you have another.” It also looks like Amber isn’t completely convinced that Jenelle has recovered from her addictions. “It’s not like you can wake up one day and be like ‘Hey, I’m clean.”

After her life changing time spent behind bars Amber feels that Jenelle could benefit from being locked up in prison. She said, “As scary as it seems, it would change her life for the better… She went down the exact path I did: unplanned pregnancy, addiction and bad relationships, having custody taken away… But it’s never too late for Jenelle to turn her life around.

Update: Jenelle Evans responded to Amber’s words via twitter where she says: “Amber Portwood… I never judged u or said one negative thing since u have been out of jail… Why start with me? Can’t be happy I suppose..” Adding later: “I love how it look towards more of the positive side of things, yet ex teen moms want to try to bring me down. It’s sad, focus on yourself.

Do you think Amber Portwood is right about Jenelle Evans? Is she still in need of serious help? Or do you think jenelle has made all the changes she needs to?