Photos! Jenelle Evans Has a New Man!

Jenelle Evans and Boyfriend

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans is ready to move on once again! After her messy split from ex-fiance Nathan Griffith it looks like Jenelle is ready to get back out there! Last night the reality star went on a double date with her infamous friend Tori.

Jenelle Evans

According to Starcasm, “His name is David Eason, and he is a 27-year-old father of two from Wilmington, North Carolina. His most recent occupation, according to Facebook, is pipefitter/welder.

Jenelle Evans Boyfriend

Jenelle shared a couple photos of her fun night out on Instagram, and also shared this gushing tweet:


Nathan Griffith Trapped in Toxic Relationship with Jenelle Evans – Report


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans has been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter since fiance Nathan Griffith was arrested for domestic violence last week. A new report claims that Jenelle is blackmailing Nathan into staying in their relationship even though Nathan has allegedly been trying to end things with her since the two got engaged.

According to a source that spoke with RadarOnline, “Nathan has been trying to push Jenelle away for months but it keeps backfiring on him. He tries to leave her but then she says she’s going to blackmail him. She threatens to tell everyone about the skeletons in his closet.


The source also says that Nathan’s cheating confession was a lie, “Nathan thought if he said he was cheating that Jenelle would get mad enough at him to leave. He isn’t cheating on her, he just tried to get her to make a move, but it all backfires on him. He tries to leave and she stands in front of his truck. There is nothing he can do. He is fearful for his life and for her life,” the source said. “He doesn’t want to get arrested anymore. He is petrified …

Jenelle’s only tweet about any of this drama recently was, “I know the truth, and that’s my business and not anyone else’s to be concerned about.

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Jenelle Evans Talks About Her “Healthy” and “Steady” Relationship

Jenelle Evans

‘Teen Mom 2’ has shown some of the worst moments of Jenelle’s relationship with Nathan Griffith. We saw Nathan verbally and emotionally abuse Jenelle when he told her she should get an abortion just minutes after hearing their unborn child’s heartbeat. We also saw a conversation Jenelle had with her mother in which she says Nathan “choked her out.” Later on a video surfaced online of an unpleasant argument between the 2 of them, in which Nathan was screaming at Jenelle. Their fighting also resulted in Jenelle being arrested at one point during her pregnancy because it became a disturbance to the neighborhood.

Despite all of that Jenelle still feels that this is the best relationship that she has ever been in, and that they are stable and happy. Jenelle recently tweeted: “I’m so blessed to have the relationship with [Nathan] like I do. Breaking up every other day is a sad & unhappy relationship.” She later went on to tell, “previous relationships I’ve had on the show haven’t really been steady, they’ve been on and off, and finally I met Nathan. We’ve just been going steady from day one.” …. Huh? Surely she hasn’t forgotten some of the horrific things that have happened in their relationship over the past 11 months that they have been together. Including an old friend of Nathan’s coming forward about their emotional relationship. Nathan’s “friend” Nayla also says that Nathan is only in this relationship for the money and that he hasn’t been happy in the relationship. (Listen to an interview with her here. Skip to 50:55)

Jenelle also told the site “I mean, we’ve had rough patches in the past, of course, but you know we’re past them now. I just think we just understand that we want a future together. My other exes — I think they’re just too immature and wanting to party so much. They just didn’t want to settle down, and Nathan does.” What do you think of Jenelle’s statements? Do you think she’s living in denial? Or do you think these two really have worked past their major issues? Either way their baby is due next month!