Ryan Edwards [Reportedly] Taking a Break from Marriage Upon Release from Jail

‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Ryan Edwards was released from jail Monday April 15th after 3 months behind bars. Now it seems that instead of rushing home to his devoted wife and children he would rather sit in the woods alone and ride off into the sunset on his motor cycle…

According to an insider that spoke with RadarOnline Ryan intends to do just that.

“Ryan told Mackenzie, ‘The first thing I want to do is… I need a little time to be by myself…’ He’s had no private time at all. He said he wants to sit in the woods for a whole day and not have to listen to anyone talk… He wants to get on his motorcycle and ride it.”

“[Mackenzie] understands,” the source said. “She told him, ‘I’ve been taking care of these kids. You need to help me with the kids when you’re done!’ She’s been really good. She’s been very firm with Ryan.”

Huh? Firm? I feel like if I was taking care of our newborn alone for 3 months and you’re not dying to get home to me and our family… bye Felicia.

But what can I say? The girl is loyal that’s for sure.


In a new exclusive with The Ashley Ryan’s mother Jen says the couple are still living together and says his “private time” has been taken out of context.

“I believe Ryan was venting a bit to Mackenzie at some point in a conversation because of the amount of people that can be in your ear talking about their problems and issues in jail… After three  months of literally no peace at all, you get to place where being alone for a minimal amount of time becomes a luxury.

Having time to somewhat deprogram yourself and calm the anxiety from the environment you have been living in is what Ryan is trying to do.”

What do you think? Is Ryan being selfish right now or does he deserve some R & R after being in jail for 3 months? Sound off in the comments!


Sad Update on Leah and Jeremy’s Marriage!


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Leah and Jeremy Calvert. The two have been working on their marriage ever since Leah was caught cheating with her ex boyfriend Robbie Kidd last October. Unfortunately things aren’t going well!

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that Leah and Jeremy didn’t spend Easter weekend together and it wasn’t because he had to work. (Which is usually his reason for missing big events.) It’s also being reported that Jeremy might be seeing another woman. Leah posted to her personal facebook on Easter Sunday:

This isn’t the only holiday I have spent without my significant other. Some days are harder than most. I have remained strong through it though and my strength has seen me through…Just as it does today and many more struggles to come!

The Ashley also says that Leah has been talking a lot about being heartbroken on her personal facebook page… On top of everything according to reliable sources Jeremy has been in contact with ‘Teen Mom 2’ crew members in an attempt to set the record straight between himself and Leah. (I can’t wait for season 6!)

UPDATE: A source that spoke with UsWeekly says “Jeremy has been telling people for a few weeks now he’s going to file for divorce from Leah,” while a second source says,“They’re not really fighting so much… It’s just a lot of small things that just build up over time, but it does seem like they’re breaking up now,”