Mackenzie CONFIRMS She Has a Sex Tape… See Her Explanation!


‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee has confirmed that there are in fact videos of her having sex with her husband floating around Vivid Entertainment’s Office. Her explanation for why (after talking a lot of smack about Farrah Abraham being a porn star) is.. Interesting.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that Mackenzie claims her cell phone, that contained private videos of her and her husband having sex, was stolen.

“I would never make a sex tape,” Mackenzie said, before explaining how a tape got into Vivid’s offices. “My phone was stolen and looked through and there is personal videos and photos on there that are for mine and my husband’s eyes to see…My phone was taken and I got it back but they were looking through trying to find someone to call [and found the tapes].”

Even Farrah's like... Dafuq?
Even Farrah’s like… Dafuq?

The only way these tapes will become public is if Mackenzie signs a contract with Vivid Entertainment. “We would love to work with Mackenzie,” Vivid told The Ashley. “Ultimately the decision is hers and I look forward to meeting with her to discuss.” Legally they can’t do anything with the tapes without Mackenzie’s consent.

After the recent trip to LA to meet with Vivid Mackenzie tweeted, “Horribly exhausting trip. There goes Josh. Over false information.” Which may indicate that the two disagreed about this whole sex tape thing…

Do you think we will be seeing another ‘Teen Mom’ sex tape any time soon?


Jenelle Evans Was Offered HOW MUCH For a Sex Tape???


I told you guys a while ago about Jenelle being offered a porn deal but what I didn’t know was how much money she was offered to do it.

According to an exclusive interview by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Jenelle says she was offered a whopping 1.5 Million to film a porn movie. “I told my lawyer to respond for me and say, ‘No thank you, not interested but flattered.

Thankfully Jenelle decided against filming the sex tape and is continuing college in order to work in the medical field.

Jenelle Evans Offered Porn Deal


Another ‘Teen Mom’ star has been offered the chance to pull a Farrah Abraham and make their very own pornographic video. Jenelle Evans is now admitting that she was offered a deal recently. Amber Portwood has also stated that she has been offered a deal in the past as well.

Thankfully Evans said no to the deal according to her tweet responding to a fan’s question about it. However, pornographic photos that Jenelle has posed for in the past could lead one to believe she is capable of doing such a thing. Which is probably why it was offered to her. Hopefully Jenelle never chooses to go down that path after witnessing the horrific aftermath of Farrah Abraham’s big “sex tape” fiasco.

Farrah Abraham Erotic Trilogy Book Covers Revealed


Farrah Abraham has officially released one of three erotic novels. The first book called “Celebrity Sex Tape: In the Making” is about a young star’s journey in the world of celebrity sex tape making. Or at least that’s what I think it’s about I’m not even really sure. I haven’t actually read the book yet, just this little snippet from Cosmopolitan. Continue reading “Farrah Abraham Erotic Trilogy Book Covers Revealed”