Miranda SImms Slams Leah Messer After Her Revealing Interview


In a recent interview, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer fessed up to popping pills and cheating on her husband Jeremy Calvert with her ex husband Corey Simms.  Messer then went on to say that ever since their infidelity Miranda has set strict rules and guidelines for her interactions with Corey. (Read all about that here.)


Now that the shocking interview has circled the web Miranda finally spoke up on Twitter stating, “I would hate to be that miserable & delusional. I’ll definitely be praying for you!” Which was certainly directed at Leah considering the way she spoke of Miranda in the interview. “Miranda doesn’t want me in the picture… She wants to hurt me because she thinks that Corey and I still have something for each other,” Leah said.


Tyler Baltierra Slams Farrah Abraham’s Father

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‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham’s father Micheal Abraham has been rather vocal on social media regarding his daughter and her shocking antics. He comes to her defense quite often but this time he did so by comparing her to a couple of the other ‘Teen Moms.’

He commented on his own Facebook status stating, “The other teen moms are not perfect. Currently one just had a child out of wedlock … Another just got pregnant with a boy friend out of wedlock… There is nothing illegal doing a adult video and Farrah… is a successful business woman and as another woman you ( or any one else) should take their judgmental opinion and not worry if some other people want to watch the show.

Clearly Michael was referring to Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout for having second children before getting married. Tyler must have gotten wind of the comment because he later tweeted, “Well clearly you can tell by Michael’s parenting job, marriage does not raise well rounded children lol .”