Mackenzie CONFIRMS She Has a Sex Tape… See Her Explanation!


‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee has confirmed that there are in fact videos of her having sex with her husband floating around Vivid Entertainment’s Office. Her explanation for why (after talking a lot of smack about Farrah Abraham being a porn star) is.. Interesting.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that Mackenzie claims her cell phone, that contained private videos of her and her husband having sex, was stolen.

“I would never make a sex tape,” Mackenzie said, before explaining how a tape got into Vivid’s offices. “My phone was stolen and looked through and there is personal videos and photos on there that are for mine and my husband’s eyes to see…My phone was taken and I got it back but they were looking through trying to find someone to call [and found the tapes].”

Even Farrah's like... Dafuq?
Even Farrah’s like… Dafuq?

The only way these tapes will become public is if Mackenzie signs a contract with Vivid Entertainment. “We would love to work with Mackenzie,” Vivid told The Ashley. “Ultimately the decision is hers and I look forward to meeting with her to discuss.” Legally they can’t do anything with the tapes without Mackenzie’s consent.

After the recent trip to LA to meet with Vivid Mackenzie tweeted, “Horribly exhausting trip. There goes Josh. Over false information.” Which may indicate that the two disagreed about this whole sex tape thing…

Do you think we will be seeing another ‘Teen Mom’ sex tape any time soon?


Mackenzie Releases New Song and Music Video About Living with Diabetes:


Mackenzie McKee of ‘Teen Mom 3’ has just released her new song, “The Sweetest Treat” along with a music video to help educate children who live with Diabetes on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Mackenzie lives with Type 1 Diabetes and is donating a percentage of the profits she earns from her new single to Diabetes Research! The song describes how to eat and exercise to stay healthy and features Mackenzie, Josh, and their two children Gannon and Jaxie.

Watch the video here:

Mackenzie McKee Debuts Her New Boobs!

‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee has gotten the large boobies that she said she didn’t want but then got anyway to “further her career.” Mac posed on the beach showing off the new boobs that she obtained only a week ago.

Mackenzie went up to a size 36B and wants everyone to know. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup: 
Mackenzie sold the the pics of her pre-surgery consultation with Dr. Neal Handel to Radar Online. If you’re having flashbacks to when Farrah Abraham sold pics of her plastic surgery to a tabloid, it’s no coincidence: Mackenzie has the same manager that Farrah did back when she sold her pics. In fact, the plastic surgeon that did Mackenzie’s implants is also a client of her manager, Gina Rodriguez!

Farrah Abraham’s Thoughts on Mackenzie McKee’s Breast Implant Fundraiser

mackenzie-douthit (1)

‘Teen Mom 3’ star Mackenzie McKee recently set up a profile on a website dedicated to getting women free breast implants. She originally planned to have people donate to her “cause” through the site so that she could get a breast augmentation to help her win fitness and bikini competitions.  (Read all about that here.)

It did’t take long for TMZ to ask Farrah Abraham what she thought of Mackenzie asking fans to pay for her new boobs. Farrah told the site, “If you don’t have the money don’t do it… or work your ass off and pay for it.” Farrah went on to say, “I could fund someone who sits around on the couch all day so they can get boobs or they can actually work hard for it and they can get their boobs done. There’s a difference so personally I wouldn’t fund that.


While Farrah did admit to getting breast implants for free she also stated that when you have name big enough you can do that but not by asking fans to pay for them.

Mackenzie responded to Farrah’s comments tweeting things like “No wonder everyone likes Maci and not Farrah.” She also told HollywoodLife, “Farrah is Farrah and she is known for bashing others. Farrah…Yes you have a big name but if being a p0rn star is how to get there then I never want a name that big. I plan to go far in the fitness industry and just walking across the stage takes a lot more work than opening your legs on camera.


Mack also explained why she started and quickly ended the fundraiser. “The whole MyFreeImplants site thing was a bit of a misunderstanding.. I would never ask fans to pay for my boobs, which is why the profile was deleted the same day once I realized how the site works. I hope people don’t think I’m that lazy and greedy of a person.