Amber Portwood Reveals Baby’s Full Name & Talks Pregnancy Cravings!

During the ‘Teen Mom OG’ aftershow the lovely host Nessa checked in with Amber Portwood and boyfriend Andrew Glennon to see how the pregnancy is going! Here’s what they talked about!

The first question asked was a typical pregnancy question, and that was whether or not Amber’s been having any odd cravings. Turns out she actually is!

Yes! I like Crackers with peanut butter, cheese and pickles… It sounds gross but right now it’s the best thing to me!


Amber then went on to reveal her son’s name, “His name is going to be James Andrew Glennon. We’re naming him after [Andrew’s] dad that passed. So it’s his name and his dad’s name together.”

How sweet is that?

Lastly Nessa asked Amber what she thought of her brother Shawn Portwood’s original concern that boyfriend Andrew may not be in their relationship for the right reasons.


“I’m really happy that my brother’s like that. He’s weary of everybody and I should have listened to him with Matt but you know what in the end he really liked andrew so it made me feel so much better about this whole relationship because if my family doesn’t like him I’m screwed, I’m gonna hear about it for the rest of my life!”

So good to hear that everything is going well for Amber, Andrew and baby James!!


Farrah Abraham’s Rental Car Stolen in Beverly Hills

Over the weekend former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham needed to use a rental car while her personal car was in the shop.

According to law enforcement that spoke with TMZ, the Hyundai was stolen from a parking garage in Beverly Hills on Saturday after Farrah accidentally left her keys in the car! Police found the car Monday night, they pulled over the vehicle and arrested the three men inside. All three men were reportedly booked for grand theft auto. Farrah claims that there were some items in the car that are now missing.

Which ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Missed The Reunion Filming??

This season’s reunion special will be different than most ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunions! There was a short supply of ‘Teen Mom’ stars at the taping this past weekend (March 3 & 4) in NYC with Dr. Drew. Only 2 of the moms were able to make it to filming. We all know that Farrah Abraham was fired from the show this season (which we should get to FINALLY see on next week’s episode). However I thought MAYBE they would have her on the reunion just to recap the season. But nope! Farrah hit up the Oscars instead.

I know a lot of you are not huge fans of Ms. Abraham but her dress was pretty phenomenal.
Amber Portwood was also unable to make it to NYC. Her boyfriend Andrew explained on Instagram that she could not fly due to her pregnancy. I’m not sure why considering she’s not as far along as Chelsea and Jenelle were at their last reunion show but her Doctor recommended she not attend. That all being said she was able to video in for her portion of the show and sent a basket of autographed ‘Teen Mom OG’ duckies for the audience members.

Catelynn almost wasn’t able to attend since she has been in a rehab facility for depression and anxiety. Thankfully she was able to leave treatment so that she and Tyler could be at the reunion. “Finally home and it feels so good!” she announced on Instagram last week.

Lastly Maci and Taylor also were in attendance… along with Ryan and Mackenzie! I’m definitely interested in seeing everyone come face to face after a lot of avoidance this season. So far no crazy drama has been reported about the reunion so I’m assuming everyone kept their cool! It will still be very interesting to hear what everyone has to say.



Nursery Sneak Peek! Amber Portwood’s New Baby Room Photos!

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Amber Portwood is currently pregnant with her second baby, this time a boy with her current boyfriend Andrew Glennon. The couple were unable to attend the weekend trip to NYC for the ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunion taping. According to a comment Andrew made on Instagram, Amber’s doctor recommended that she not travel. Instead it looks like they spent that time working on their little boy’s nursery!

Andrew shared the following photo on Instagram with the caption: “Nursery to be in a ‘Galactic Lite’ blue.


Amber’s brother Shawn recently shared a photo of the gift he made for the baby’s nursery, a gorgeous bedside table in a very similar (if not the same) shade of blue!


Ambie is due to give birth this summer to a baby boy that she and Andrew plan to name James! I can’t wait to see what the finished nursery will look like. Considering how beautiful the rest of Amber’s home is I’m sure it will be gorgeous!