VIDEOS: ‘Teen Mom OG’ Unseen Moments Sneak Peeks!

2016-03-13 (4)

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ Unseen Moments Special will air on MTV this Monday at 9/8c. Here are two scenes, one a mildly embarrassing moment for Amber and the other about Ryan being a no show for filming. Check them out below:


Sneak Peek! Jeremy Thinks Corey Stole His Shorts!

Jeremy Calvert

You really can’t make this stuff up.

In the “Unseen Moments” special we see yet another fight between Leah and Jeremy but this time… it’s over some camo  shorts… naturally.

After picking up the twins from their weekend with Corey Jeremy noticed that Corey had shorts that looked suspiciously similar to his own camo shorts that he just so happened to lose. Right off the bat he’s angry with Leah and confronts her immediately… through a text. (For goodness sake people don’t text and drive… or read your husband’s crazy texts while driving 3 young children around.)

Leah Calvert Divorce

Her reaction? She calls him “plum dumb” and kicks him out of the car. Jeremy was so serious about this that Leah had to text Corey and ask him what size shorts he was wearing. Because that’s totally a normal thing to ask someone…

As it turns out the shorts did not belong to Jeremy.

Watch the Full Sneak Peek HERE!

Leah Claims Corey Cheated on His Wife

Leah and Corey Teen Mom 2

During the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Unseen Moments Special Leah Calvert dropped a major bomb about her ex husband Corey Simms. When Dr. Drew asked if there were any secrets that were not shown on the show Leah started spilling her guts about her ex. “A lot of people don’t know that a week before he got married, he kept texting me and texting me, and he’s like ‘I miss my family.’ He told me way too much stuff about him and Miranda. When him and Miranda first got together he was out cheating on her.

I’m not completely sure why she would chose to share something like that about her ex husband’s relationship instead of something about her own marriage. What makes it even more shocking is the fact that Corey, Miranda, Leah and Jeremy seem to have a great co-parenting relationship. They all usually come together for the sake of the girls. So what made Leah drop a bomb like that? Does she still have feelings for Corey and wants the world to know that he has feelings for her too?

Miranda tweeted the night of the special stating “Don’t believe everything you hear.” She followed that tweet up the following day with “Love this life God has created for me. So excited about the future that he has planned for me & my Husband and our family! #Loved #Blessed #Thankful” Clearly she and Corey are doing just fine these days and are happy together and it’s probably safe to say that Miranda is not too happy about Leah’s confession about her husband. She also recently tweeted, “Make sure your hands are clean before pointing your finger.

Special 90 Minute ‘Teen Mom 2’ Finale to Air Before MTV Movie Awards!

Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen because the scheduling for the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Finale and following specials will be different this time! If you want to watch the special 90 minutes Season finale make sure you tune in to MTV on SUNDAY April 13th at 7pm, before the MTV Movie Awards! Don’t worry if you miss it, there will be a 60 minute version airing on Tuesday April 15th at 9pm. Followed by Part One of the reunion special at 11pm. The Unseen Moments Special will air on Wednesday April 16th at 10pm and Part Two of the Reunion will air on Tuesday April 22nd at 11pm.

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Sunday April 13th: 7:00 PM 90 Minute Season Finale
Tuesday April 15th: 9:00 PM 60 Minute Season Finale
Tuesday April 15th: 11:00 PM Part One Reunion Special
Wednesday April 16th: 10:00 PM Unseen Moments
Tuesday April 22nd: 11:00 PM Part Two Reunion Special