Jo Rivera Finally Speaks Up About Baby News!


If you missed the big news, ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Jo Rivera is expecting a baby with girlfriend Vee Torres! Vee announced the news on Twitter last week and now Jo has also confirmed the pregnancy!

Thank you to everyone for your support and congratulations! I’m so excited to be a father all over again! Isaac’s gon be a great big brother,” Jo tweeted on March 4th.

Vee is currently about 2 months pregnant so she should be bringing her bundle of joy into the world sometime in October! “I’m so overwhelmed with emotions right now. Literally went from pissed, to crying, to smiling, to crying back to happy again oh pregnancy,” she tweets.


Jo Rivera & Girlfriend Vee Torres Are PREGNANT!


Baby fever! Yet another pregnancy to add to the list of ‘Teen Mom’ one and two stars that are having more kids! Kailyn Lowry’s ex Jo Rivera and his girlfriend Vee are having a baby!

Vee is reportedly about 7-8 weeks pregnant and extremely excited to share the news on social media. The couple are not in any hurry to get married but they are happy about their bun in the oven. Vee stated on Twitter, “This feeling is so indescribable. It outweighs any negativity anyone tries to throw at me… I am truly humbled and blessed! I am going to be a momma.

PHOTOS! Jo Rivera and Girlfriend Vee Celebrate Their 3rd Anniversary

Jo and Vee

‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Jo Rivera and his girlfriend Vee Torres celebrated their 3 year anniversary over the weekend. Jo treated his lovely lady to champagne and roses. On the ‘Teen Dad’ special we saw Jo and Vee talk about marriage and their future together. It’s good to see that they are still going strong despite Jo’s indecisiveness about getting married any time soon. (I’m still hoping it happens in the near future!)  Continue reading “PHOTOS! Jo Rivera and Girlfriend Vee Celebrate Their 3rd Anniversary”