Jenelle Evans & MTV Crew’s 911 Calls During Recent Fight Surface Online!

Nathan Griffith Being Arrested

As previously reported Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith had an epic fight on March fourth that led to Nate’s arrest and the end of the couple’s engagement. Despite recent reports that the situation was “blown out of proportion,” the 911 audio recordings shared by RadarOnline tell a different story.

The first audio recording is of Jenelle’s 911 call for help she states, “My ex fiancé he’s sitting here, he took the car keys from me denying me to go to school tomorrow… Both of our names are on the car. He doesn’t even have his license and I can’t take my son to school tomorrow.” She was struggling to catch her breath while talking to the dispatcher.

As it turns out a police officer was already on their way because moments before Jenelle called, an MTV crew member had already done the same thing. “Send the police, there’s a domestic abuse happening,” the crew member said. You can hear screaming in the background. “We are filming with a talent and the couple is fighting… Please send the police right away. … The fiancé is physically abusing his girlfriend. We were locked out of the house and we heard her screaming ‘Get off of me, get off of me,’” the caller continued.

(Listen to the recordings here. )

As we reported Nathan was arrested and spent the night in jail. The couple had a no contact order placed but it is being reported that the order has since been lifted.


Jenelle Evans Son Jace Reportedly Acting Out at School Due to Domestic Violence


In a new report the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star’s son Jace has been seriously affected by the domestic violence and outrageous arguments that have been going down between Jenelle and fiance(?) Nathan Griffith. The two separated right before a violent fight that lead to Nathan’s arrest.

According to a source that spoke with RadarOnline “The constant fighting all the time is affecting Jace at school. He gets scared whenever he goes over to Jenelle and Nathan’s house and the teachers notice it every time. It’s a pattern.

The source goes on to say that Jace isn’t doing his schoolwork and has been getting into fights. Jenelle is currently trying to regain custody of her son Jace, so it’s hard to say what will happen if she gets back together with Nathan. She’s due back in court in April.