Catelynn Lowell Talks About Carly and Novalee Meeting and Their Future Relationship


‘Teen Mom’ stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are ecstatic to finally be parenting a baby of their own after placing their first daughter Carly up for adoption 6 years ago. Novalee is now about 3 months old and the couple know that they want her and Carly to be in each other’s lives.


We talked to Brandon and Teresa and eventually they’re going to meet,” Catelynn tells WetPaint. “And [Carly] knows that I had a baby and that her name is Nova. You know, we don’t go as far as saying, ‘This is your sister,’ or anything like that. Like, she knows her as Nova, just like we’re Tyler and Catelynn… One day [Carly] will meet Nova whether it be a visit or a Reunion show. I look forward to that.


Catelynn and Tyler want Novalee to know exactly who Carly is. “Nova’s gonna know everything about Carly, and what we did and everything… That’s why I put a picture of me, Tyler and her in her nursery.


Throwback Video! Watch Catelynn & Tyler During Their First Visit With Carly

Catelynn Lowell, Carly

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ premiere is right around the corner so lets take a look back at the first time Catelynn and Tyler got to visit Carly after placing her for adoption. Who could forget this tear jerking reunion?

Catelynn & Tyler Visit Carly! Plus New Baby Bump Photos!

My man is the best man... he is the world's most amazing father love him with all my heart and soul. - Catelynn Lowell
My man is the best man… he is the world’s most amazing father love him with all my heart and soul. – Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra of ‘Teen Mom’ visited with their daughter Carly and her adoptive parents Branden & Teresa over the weekend! Cate and Ty get to visit Carly once a year and they also receive photo updates in the mail. The couple have maintained a good relationship with Branden and Teresa over the years.


Catelynn shared a very special surprise she and Tyler received for their bun in the oven, “The BEST gift for our new little girl was from Brandon and Teresa… Carlys first baby doll and two outfits she wore as a baby… I about balled and this is the most precious thing to me now…. for our daughter to have some of Carlys things are beyond amazing and touching… something I will never forget…